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3rd time lucky

Sep 05, 2013 - 0 comments

hey dudes whats up ,ive been missing in action for a while now ,but now im back .ok,in the 4-5 yrs since i stopped smoking ciggerettes and marjuana ive fallen off the wagon twice.the reason why i fell of the wagon was because of alcohol.i would light up when i had a drink or two.BIG MISTAKE.i hardly drank much but when i did i would light up .now this litteraly ****** me thing i knew i was smoking both again solid for 8 months after 1-2 yrs of being clean.ok i started getting heart palps again thats why i stopped in the first place) ..ding ding alrm bells ,damn better give up again i dont like this so i stopped again for another year and so.then again xmas seasons here well im feeling good again,why not have a beer and light up again,sweet no worries ...3 months later...cant ****** stop coughing,my god ive never coughed like this before,and i can hardly breathe so off to the docs i go.hello doc whats wrong with me-oh you have chronic bronchitis heres some antibiotics youll be ok in week or two...that was 2 months ago and i still have cough and can hardly i stopped 3 days ago  ciggerettes and mary jane and 3rd time lucky .i will never go back and forth again like what i have been ive decided to never drink or smoke anything for 5 years  into forever but 5 years is set in stone-otherwise it wont be bronchitis next time it may be it hopefully 3rd time lucky for advice for people who succeed in there first year of giving up ,dont drink and think its alright to light up because aint worth the months of ******** that follow.peace and will power to all on this site.rixsta.out.

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