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Pain after g/b surgery - This maybe an answer to your pain.

May 04, 2009 - 1 comments



pain in the abdomen


distended stomach


digestion problems after g/b

I have a new diagnosis from my lawyers med expert. After carefully looking over all of my records he has come to the conclusion that I had an infection in my abdomen wall. One that is very hard to see and all of my blood work was fine so the doctor cannot be held responsible for it. The infection caused scar tissue and that is the reason for my swollen looking stomach. The pain that is there is from the infection and I am told that it may take three more months to get back to semi normal but that I will always feel the pain. After my operation I was not leaking fluid and I had a ball of fluid that got infected but stayed in one place which proved to be very painfull causing me to have the second operation. During that operation the surgeon created a drain for the infected fluid to come out of. The surgeon never informed me of any of this. He told me there was nothing wrong and left it at that. After the second operation fluid leaked out of my stomach for about three weeks in which time I was seen at the emergency room and they took a culture of the fluid. They said they would know something in three days. Well it has been 6 weeks and I was never informed that I had an infection. I would never have know if it wasn't for the med expert. Because it has been so long I was not treated for the infection. Hopefully no more damage will happen.
So to all of you gallbadder removal patients this may also be your case. If you are having pain, swollen stomach, unable to do daily activites You may have had an infection that went undetected like mine and now have scar tissue which hurts worse than the operation. If I didn't have the leaking fluid - I would still not know I had an infection from my ballbladder removal (lap). The surgeons are allowed to butcher us and get away with it. I am currently seeking a new lawyer who is a little more experienced in g/b removals. My last one couldnt prove my surgeon did anything wrong because my blood did not show an infection nor did my cat scan or any xrays - but there were signs that he should have paid attention to. Thanks. Hope this helped someone.

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by Angrypatient, May 04, 2009
I forgot to say one thing - the med expert did say the pelvic clip had nothing to do with any pain that I was having. Don't know how true that is but he said not to worry about it.

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