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Please can somebody help me

Sep 06, 2013 - 0 comments

Weight Loss








Bleeding abdomen

Hi, ok im 17 years old im 5'1 i weigh 175 and welll i have a digestive problem for the past 2 years ive been going through this ill eat and right above my belly button it would bloat up it would cause pain and the bloating or pain wouldnt go away till i threw up the food it went away all this it would go and come it went away for so long i forgot about it i didnt do anything i didnt help it i know i should of but i didnt think but now its back and worse . Afew weeks ago i had a beagel and threw it up plus coffee grains in it which is dried up blood which means im bleeding inside i also havent had a proper bowel movement in over a month... Thats
Another concern im living off of baby food and meal replacements ive gone a barium test blood tests xrays all that came back normal.. Today i went to see the gastroligest he thinks i have Cycical vomitng but i know for a fact its not that also i forgot to add my stomach feels paralized and cold inside i no longer can throwup because my stomach is so paralyzed and the only reason why i threw up before was because my stomach couldnt handle food... I also wasnt able to lose any weight in mystomach .... I cant go to the gym anymore because it hurts my stomach to much i need help if anyone has these symptoms or anything? Im on a list for the upper endoscopy but that wont be till feb so if anybody could maybe take there time to read this maybe help me on something? Im just so frustrated i cant cope with life im always so sick ugh thanks.

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