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William Thomas birth story

Sep 08, 2013 - 2 comments

Since finding out at 35 weeks he was breech we scheduled for repeat c-section for July 18th. I went for my pre-op appointment July 16th and was then given an arrival time of 6 am on the 18th. I was so excited the night before that I only slept 2hrs! We did manage to arrive on time and my mother in law came and took the kids so df could be with me through everything.

Df and I was then placed in a room and hooked to monitors around 7am. I then went through medical history and signed consent for tubal litigation with the nurse. Then had teams of doctors coming in to go over the process of everything. All while I was having contractions every 3-5min and was 2cm. Nurse then placed me on oxygen because baby hr was borderline low. I then had a ultrasound to confirm he was still c-section and check placenta and cord placement. Everything looked great and I was now ready for surgery.

The team returned and I was taken into the OR at 9:12am. Once again they had trouble placing the spinal so it took awhile. Once it was placed it worked instantly! At this point they allowed df to come in.  My doctor decided it was best to go through the same incision as before despite previous infection. I kept hearing comments about how much scar tissue there was though. After waiting for what felt like forever my doctor looked up and said its time to deliver baby! Our lil man William Thomas was born at 10:19 am weighing 6lb 10oz and 19 1/2in! The nurses brought him up to see me for a minute before taking him to nursery. My df left to go with our lil man as well.

Now came time for the tubal litigation which took all of 5 minutes. So now time to close but doctor found part of where my infection tunneled was still open! So the cleaned it and closed it off. They placed special antibiotic stitches on the inside and only derma-bond glue outside. My incision was then covered with a special antibiotic bandage that was to be left on for 10 days. I exited the OR for recovery at 11:56am. Upon my check in to recovery my blood sugar was low, 56, so I was given some orange juice. I also was not allowed to leave recovery till I could move my legs. I was determined to move them so I could see my baby! I was able to move them about 1:30pm, so recovery doctor came and cleared me to go upstairs. I was taken up to what was my room for the next 4 days at 2pm.

Upon arrival df said he had something to tell me, so I instantly think the worst. Only to find out lil man was having some breathing issues due to mucus was not sure if he could come into the room. I then had the peds doctor in my room asking for consent to do blood test to find out what's wrong. As I was informed they were moving him to NICU due to his d-sats and needing oxygen once. Again I'm thinking to worst because I'm a carrier for cystic fibrosis. The blood work showed his white blood cells high but culture would not be back till next morning. They went ahead and started him on antibiotic that night. I however could not take not being able to see my baby, so I was determined to get up out of bed as soon as I was allowed. My nurse called the doctor and I was ok to get up at 9pm and that's what I did! I had df push me in a wheel chair to the NICU where I sat with William for 2hrs. His nurse said he was doing great and only needed the oxygen that one time. I had df take me down again at 3am for his feeding. Even though I was just down the hall I hated not having him with me. I was told doctor would be in at 9 am to give results. So there I was back at the NICU at 830am waiting for the doctor. The doctor made it to us at 10am and the culture showed he did in fact have an infection. They believe he swallowed fluid during or shortly before birth and that caused it. So his treatment was a 5 day course of antibiotic. Which ment he would be in hospital till Tuesday July 23rd. He also had to be in NICU the whole time as it was given by IV. The rest of Williams stay was great and no issues at all. They monitored the infection by daily lab work. My doctor was so nice and allowed for me to stay the whole time so we went home together. I truly felt a 100x better after this c-section and was not needing pain meds other then Motrin by the time we went home. William was discharged 7/23/13 at noon and was back at birth weight.

I'm sorry this to so long to write and post.

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Sep 08, 2013
Congrats on little William he is so cute ! I'm scared of another c section but I think it will be ok :) glad heirs well now my 2nd baby was in the nicu for 9 days I cried leaving him but now it's just a memory because he is healthy now going to be ten soon .

1181036 tn?1367368640
by FreshLove, Sep 08, 2013
Congrats! Glad William is ok and that you are recovering well from the c-section!

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