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Addictionologist and PAWS and Amino Acids

Apr 12, 2008 - 6 comments

Hey...I just wanted to pass on this info. I saw an addictionologist last week. He specializes in Internal Medicine, but has added addictionologist to his specialty also.I don't think it is a board certified thing...but he did have a certificate hanging on the wall. Anyway...I told him about this forum and these are some of the things we discussed.
First off..tapering is easier on your body and mind..and if you can do it under a drs. supervision..that is best. I asked him about PAWS..and how real it is. He said it is very real, and, if when you stopped your DOC, you had any signs and/or symptoms of wds...then you can have PAWS for up to at least one yr...NO matter your DOC or the amt. you took.

WE also discussed amino acids. He said there hasn't been enough testing done to know if they really help or not...he thinks the body and brain just need to heal and that takes time. He said taking the aminos won't hurt, but there is no conclusive evidence that it really helps or speeds the process up. I told him I am taking aminos...he said thats fine, to keep taking them if i want.

He did also say drugs affect different recptors in the brain than alcohol does. I have gotten clean from both and there are similarities and differences. I don't think you get PAWS w/ alcohol.....not sure on that one.

Not here to debate this...this is just what i was told by him.

He also told me the #1 trigger for relapse in women is MEN...and the #1 trigger for relapse in men is WOMEN!!!

GO figure...LOL

When I got there..they wanted me to sign a contract for suboxone....I told them "no way"...I was already 2 1/2 mos.
clean. I guess he's only taking new pts. if they are trying to get off drugs....I was just looking for a new dr. who had experience w/ addiction. Because my friend who is a dr. recommended him to me..( and also sees him herself) I think he let me stay.

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by sterling_silver, Apr 16, 2008
Did the good Doc. give any suggestions for the triggers? Trigger lock? Celibacy? Sex change?
Good thing I can keep taking the amino's. ~~~~~~~~~~~

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by toxictome, Apr 17, 2008
no silver...he didn't  give me any suggestions....but.......I WOULD be interested in hearing any YOU might have!!!  ;D

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by FLaddict, Apr 17, 2008
There is a good deal of evidence that nutrition and amino acids can help the process, just depends where you look.  A majority of doctors were not given enough info in med school on the effect of these things on the brain or body. So unless they seek out this info they would never have it.

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by kel949, May 08, 2008
Hello, I have never visited this site before but I am trying to stay off of opiates (I took Vicodin, Percast and/or Tramadol).  I have gone 1 week without taking anything and I feel like I need some support to make it....

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by sickntired08, Sep 05, 2008
I am so happy you are still clean!

We both stopped meds at the same time, yet due to my pain, I am back on them.  I just realized that I am taking way too much...yet again.

What did you find worked for you? In the beginning I remember it was clonodine...which I hear helps with withdrawal and keeps one from getting seizures.

Did you have to take that daily? Or was it a one time thing?

And what is "PAWS?"

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by Birdyjenkins, Jul 12, 2018
I’ve been referred to an addictionologist because I am being prescribed Adderall and two other controlled substance medications for narcolepsy, MS and CFS.  I had a Swap Test to determine how my body metabolises medicine. I don’t benefit from opiates. I absorb about 40% hence needing a stronger dose. My body does however metabolise suboxone quite effectively. Therefore, I was going to the addiction clinic to get the medicine to alleviate the chronic pain in MS.
I use 1/4 of a suboxone tablet daily for the pain management of MS. Apparently, it’s now required to be sent to the addictionologist if you are prescribed any controlled substance in order to be on suboxone therapy.
I realize that’s a lot of information but I thought it would be helpful to get helpful answers and suggestions as to what I am going to expect when I see the addictionologist in order to continue receiving suboxone in addition to the other medicine I have to take in order to perform in daily tasks i.e. showering, dressing for the day etc.

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