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Third Day off Tramadol

Sep 10, 2013 - 0 comments







addiction recovery

I decided to keep this journal to help myself keep going -- and maybe it will help someone down the line. I can do this, I know I can. But this,the third day, I woke up bad off. Advil PM fortunately allowed me to sleep, so at least I avoided the RLS.

I am not totally new to withdrawal, as I went through it going off hydrocodone (Norco) following my spine surgery. I remember the third day of that withdrawal as the absolute worst. So I tell myself if I can get through this third day without running for tramadol or dying, I can make it. However, I don't believe there were brain zaps with the Norco.

I have enough ondansetron here to get me through today and tomorrow. That and the store brand cold relief formula are helping taking the edge off this Yesterday they were pretty much doing away with my symptoms for a few hours at a time. Today not as much relief, but better than nothing.  

My head is worse today, that fuzzy full of cotton feeling that isn't really a headache but isn't really not a headache, either. Bowels aren't bad, but I think the ondansetron stems that a little.

Now I am truly in the belly of the beast. Symptoms coming in waves, including emotions, like a deadly roller coaster. I am just praying for strength. What a nightmare.

I have forgotten to tell that I was on 300 mg a day. I'm sure this affects how this goes.

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