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Skin Rash

Nov 13, 2007 - 1 comments

Skin rash









My husband every three years, in the fall, and only at night breaks out in skin rashes all over his body. They start as small red bumps and turn into what i would call a welt like lesion. It swells his lips eyes, face. It covers his back, stomach, armpits, groin and legs, I think it does not get the feet. We have been to emergency rooms, 4 allergists dermatologist with no releif. Steriods, Cleared it upSlighty and eturned as soon as the dose was over. Benadryl helps him sleep thats abouth it. Every morning its one lie it was never there. What is this?????????

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by eandcmac, Nov 26, 2010
ive had a very similar experience a few yrs back, and its happing to my son right now.  i didnt find any relief from creams or other medicines.  our rashes were not that bad but there was limited itching.

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