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Help Me

Nov 14, 2007 - 2 comments




Well today was just like every other day,woke up feeling terrible as usuaI I feel like **** all i want are some answers as to what might be wrong with me. The Doc's here seem to be just taking my money.I've been told that if ihave my parathyroid removed i would feel so much better, but nothing has happened.Please help me. Thanks Rhonda.

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by Jan1220, May 12, 2008
Hi, I am also 52 years old, and female. I have hypoparathyroidism, where my body does not produce any calcium. I would say to you, go to new doctors. Don't give up. Dr's really do not know everything. You just need to find the one who knows how to help YOU. Also, think carefully about surgery, as it will cause you to have MY problem if they remove your parathyroid glands. Good luck. J.

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by Rhonda947, Jun 17, 2008
Hi Jan Thankyou for your comments, but nothing has changed.My calcium levels are up and down and I am still not well.I have just found out I have Pagents disease of the skull as well. Could you tell me about your removal of the parathyroid thanks Rhonda

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