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Journey through Limbo-Land (POEM) by Sunnytoday

May 10, 2009 - 5 comments



limbo land







I’ve walked through many Doctor’s halls
Filled out papers, answered questions and
Stared at strangely decorated Specialist’s walls
And here, I find myself in Limbo-Land

I’ve been asked to walk in a straight line
Stand without falling and squeeze my hand
To touch my finger to my nose and count to nine
And so I’ve laughed in Limbo-Land

I’ve had vials upon vials of blood drawn
As they run at least a third of tests known to man
You’d think by now a diagnosis would be foregone
But still I’m here, crying in Limbo-Land

So they moved on; poked and prodded some more
And looked back at what they had scanned
I felt like screaming, “What are you waiting for?”
As I felt myself sinking further into Limbo-Land

I wanted to have a life; it was full hopes and dreams
Here I am sick; this is not at all what was planned!
Doctor’s say, “Come back in 6 months”, confused it seems
And now I have found a home in Limbo-Land

But limbo is a state of uncertainty or a transitional place
This is it’s definition and I think I’m beginning to understand
This may be my future and which I’m going to embrace
But I think I’m going to have to fight to get out of Limbo-Land

We all deserve answers, no matter how hard they may appear
This brings treatment, acceptance, or hope of heaven close at hand
Until then, I will embrace my future and want everyone to hear
That I have found peace on my journey in Limbo-Land

Author- J.M.W. ~Sunnytoday~

I found this peom I had written in December of 2008, and I had to think a bit. It was inspired by the term "Limbo-Land" that we often use here on the forum. I didn't realize how much I would go through in the next months after I wrote this and I thought at that point a dianogis was around the corner... and I know that life has a LOT to throw at me yet. But this rings so true now that I realize a diagnosis for me is not coming any time soon. Somehow through it all- I have found peace and that is what has carried me through. And I want other's to know that it's possible to fight for a diagnosis and yet have peace with the way you have been created. You are perfect in your imperfections. You are loved. You have a purpose. Never give up!

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by CheeserNurse, May 10, 2009
Beautiful. Absolutely, beautiful.

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by missy142, May 11, 2009
Very nice Sunny, Hope you find peace and wellness in or out of "Limboland".

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by Sunnytoday, May 11, 2009

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by BARBIE123841, May 12, 2009
my story is alot like yours.... limbo i would have to say hell. all i did was have a baby!it gets better, you will be amazed just how much your mind and body can handle it! i have been trying to understand my illnesses and feel like nothing is complete! i take steps forward, then i get back up! live and learn my saying! hangin their its hard trust me but this to shall pass

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by Sarahsmom46, May 12, 2009
Thanks sunny for yet another well phrased and meaningful poem.  I can so relate to every stanza.  You truly have a way of putting your feelings into words, words that not only have deep meaning and purpose in your life but in other's as well.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  

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