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Teething @ 9 weeks??!

Sep 21, 2013 - 8 comments

Ryan has started sticking his fists in his mouth, slabbering & dribbling, hes also been crying & fussy since approx Mon. He got his first injections on Wed & he has been gurny since then but thats now 4 days later (Sat). I was allowed to give him baby calpol (paracetamol) which the doc perscibed, i think its helping but hes just not happy at times. Sometimes I can console him close to my chest other times i cant. Im also scared im going to spoil him if i nurse him 24/7.

At the min he will feed 7oz say every 3-4hrs during the day then play in his bouncer, chat & smile for about 1-2hrs then he gets cranky for a little snooze jus before the next feed. I usually nurse him to sleep with his dummy when he gets cranky & I know its sleep he wants. He baths later in the evening every night ranging from 6-9pm then he gets another bottle, thats not usually his last feed the latest last feed could be anything from 11-1.30am. He might then sleep to 6.30-7.30am. Some days hes on this track & other days its all our of wack he just doesnt have a wee routine yet.

Is it possible the injections have just annoyed him or would it be teething??! He is slabbering & ive felt his gums but im really not sure what i need to find. There are ridges but maybe they are always there... Can anyone help??! Im for asda early tomorrow morning to get baby bonjela & a cool teething ring & anything else I can find to help him. Xx

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Sep 21, 2013
its possible my dd has teeth at 3 months the dr thought i was crazy until she seen her teeth poking out lol . but some babies can get teeth late like 9 to 12 months not normally but i have heard of that my kids all get theirs early . poor little Ryan hopefully he feels better and gives his mama some rest :)

2020005 tn?1628125976
by KTowne, Sep 21, 2013
I thought Chloe was at 8 weeks, same symptoms, etc.. and she's 8 months, still not one. It could be shots, but around 2 months they start experimenting with their hands/mouths and start drooling way more. I hope he starts feeling better!! :(

1276121 tn?1420860600
by Dolphin05, Sep 21, 2013
It very well could be early stages of teething! My oldest had his bottom 2 at 4 months, yet my daughter was about 7 months. My baby's doctor said its time to start washing his gums to prepare for teeth!  

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Sep 22, 2013
My dd got her first in at 3 months! Has a full mouth ver early on... Super weird but true. She always lost them earlier than her classmates as well!

1779215 tn?1349137570
by Mom2boys1980, Sep 22, 2013
It could be teething... My daughter got her first tooth at 5 months. Today she's 15 months old and has 14 teeth including all the molars! Hope the baby feels better :)

1907191 tn?1468100974
by cheekyhalfs, Sep 22, 2013
Hey Zara, little Oliver is the same. He crams his fists in his mouth constantly and drools and blows bubbles all the time now. He's almost 16 weeks but has been chewing on his hands for a month I'd say. Have a good look in his mouth if you get chance and look to see if red etc. You can usually see the white of the tooth but only when its literally about to pop through. Ollie still doesnt have any but is drooling more and more so we have lots of teething toys for him to chew on. How is his bottom? Babies often get a wee sore bum and also red flushed cheeks when teething. It may well be his gums or just a mixture of the jabs and feeling grizzly :) we have lots of fun times ahead dont we lol, bless him xx

4268628 tn?1375041176
by Flickan, Sep 22, 2013
My daughter is doing the same thing. Had her injections on Tuesday. She's still sucking on her fists (have been doing that for a little over a week now), but kinda back to normal, just not sleeping quite as much. I think it's the injections.  

1310570 tn?1404719992
by zara2010, Sep 23, 2013
Thank u for ur input ladies... I got the baby bonjela & its suitable from 2mnths+ so we tried it the last few days seems to help... I think?!! I had a wee nosey Cheeky & he does have white lumpa but im not sure if its just his wee teeth deep down. He hasnt been as drooly now today but alot of fists in mouth going on. He has just noticed his hands so maybe thats it. Hes now taking his dummy a bit more & is def grizzly at times when he cries its like hes chewing too. I got him some cool teethinh rings (the ones you put in the fridge) but obviously he cant hold them yet so I havent tried those yet. He slept right through for me on Sat night but I think that was the calpol I gave him & the fact that me & DF went to bed the same time so it was nice & quiet. Its hard to keep quiet at night when DF is usually only hme from 12pm+ every night & he has 2 bath & get fed. He has been having soft & more dirty bums Cheeky but I think thats the drops he got with his jabs. Xx

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