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Panic Attack Night

Sep 20, 2013 - 0 comments

I had a terrible panic attack where I thought I was going to die because my heart was beating so fast/hard. I had to wake my mother I was so afraid.

It was a very bad night.

I honestly don't feel like talking about it, but for the sake of recording my mood I will describe some more details.

Typically I get a racing heart from taking my Seroquel. But on this particular night the Seroquel made my heart race so fast and horrendously that I thought I was having a heart attack/heart failure or my heart was going to explode. The panic was overwhelming. Unbearable. The voice of reason was almost mute. I wanted to call 911. I knew it was a panic attack (due to my father having similar ones) but part of me wanted to call 911 just to have company. Maybe if I put up enough of a fight they would sedate me. I reasoned against calling 911 but I could not be alone. So I woke my mother up. I had to take 3 Xanax to ease the panic and even then there was some.

It was by far the worst panic attack of my life and one of the worst experiences of my life.

I never want to experience that again. I would go through hell and back to avoid that experience.

I have been on this medication for slightly over a year and this sudden symptom pops up, I have read that it happens to other people and it does not stop. This is clearly problematic.

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