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vets who need help

Sep 24, 2013 - 0 comments

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With so many Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the countless numbers of Desert Storm and Vietnam Vets, who when they try to get help often are given the runaround or told to wait (sometimes a month or longer) by the V.A. I would like to give y'all some online sources to find support and help. besides the V.A. site.  Here is a list of services I know of or used.
A directory can be found at

National Resource Directory  here you can find all the known organizations out there by service you need or location etc.  

Here are places for all vets.

Brandon Titus Memorial Fund   A personal friend of mine who I served with in Iraq, and was killed in Action there.  For Idaho families, Tom Titus (Brandon's Father) has created a fund that give support and money to families who have lost a loved one in war.  Tom is no stranger to war, he is a Silver Star recipient from this time with the 75ht Ranger in Vietnam and know first hand what it feels like to service and lose his only son to war.   His site reads,     "Keeping a promise to Brandon, donations to the memorial fund are used to aid and assist other Idaho families of military men and women who have been killed in action (coordinated thru military Casualty Assistance Officers). Grants are also available to families of active military currently deployed and honorably discharged Idaho Veterans (direct contact with Tom Titus is required)."

Veterans Benefits Network, this site has all types of info from Mental Help, claims, benefits, guides, and manuals the V.A. uses to decide the care you get.  Even items you never knew about are there.

Vets Prevail  Great site for all things military, and vets.  The IAVA has helped here, and not only are there some mental help tools, but great tools for transition, benefits and mental health.  Search the forms which are tightly monitored, and see that you are your spouse are not alone.  

Disabled American Veterans  Go here before you go to the V.A.  One of the oldest service organizations out there.  Provides, for free, power of attorney help and resources when going through C&P (claims) process for service injuries and conditions.  Will get you the right forms filled out and provide explanations of what is what in the V.A.  Also provides many other services like rides to your local V.A for medical appointments.

VFW (veterans of foreign wars)  Great site for not only vets from wars but all vets.  The official service organization of USA military Vets, according to their website. This has some good info on it, its not just the place your dad hung out to drink at anymore.

Military Order of the Purple Heart   Another service organization, that is often over looked because people think you have to have a purple heart to use them as a service, NOT true, they are overlooked in most areas and as a plus to you, can be used with almost no wait.  (wait times vary by location)

Veteran Crisis Line  Feeling depressed, like no one cares.  Has the V.A. and their wait times got to you.  Do you need help RIGHT NOW?  These are your people, call, text, email or chat online right now.  PLEASE DO THIS, before you do something you cant undo.

Got your   Might of seen the commercials, but these guys want you to not only get the help you need but get your life back.  Resources and job info among others items found here.

The Mission Continues     The Mission Continues Fellowship Program awards six-month community service fellowships to post-9/11 veterans.  Must apply and its focus is to get you back to working and helping, not taking and asking.  Great tool to learn how to work with civilians again.

Team Rubicon    This site unites the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations. TR offers veterans a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves.   This site also provides discounts to members for goods and services.  Every Vet regardless of injury can help here.  

Operation Homefront         provides direct services to alleviate a military family’s or individual’s emergency financial burden, as well as counseling and/or recovery support.

Pat Tillman Foundation       Remember Pat Tillman, played in the NFL for Arizona, killed while deployed.  well,  Inspired by Pat’s attributes of leadership, passion for education and spirit of service, the Foundation annually awards educational scholarships through the Tillman Military Scholars program.

Project Evergreen  Spouse deployed and you need help with the lawn or snow removal, well look no further.  These are your guys and gals.  They do free lawn care, or maybe you want to help, well you can do that too.  They also do general community services for all towns and cities.  Sign up by zip code for a existing team, or make your own.  Got equipment you want to donate, or let them borrow, there's a link for that too.

For Iraq and Afghanistan Vets.  Plus others.

Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America   The new kid on the block, and one of the reasons for the new GI Bill, these guys are great for all Vets but specialize in the 200,000 plus Iraq and Afghanistan Vets in American right now.  Links, help, functions, and support.  Plus if you register (free with DD214 or .mil addy) you get access to the "Ruck Sack" portion of the site, which gives out great free stuff (first come first serve in most cases), like cloths for work, tickets to Pro sporting events, job finding help, back pay and on and on.  My favorite site of them all.

Others.    Still in and have issues, want to watch videos or get help.  You transitioning and need pointers.  Check here and see what the forms are saying.  This site went from a place where GIs posted their pics and videos to a full service site for active duty and vets alike.

Please check with these and many other organizations for the help you need.  Each one focuses on a different group or specialty to help you get back to you.  Go to any of these sites and click on resources or partners for many, many links I didn't list, or check with your state benefits page at  Many, states have extra benefits that are only for that state like tax breaks, college help, free licenses for hunting or fishing, and on and on.

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