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Apr 16, 2008 - 1 comments

Wow i'm not in to bad of a mood today.  I'm also happy with what I've accomplished right now.  Like going to school.  That was a huge step for me was to go through with that.  All i need now is to get clean and clear my mind again.  I hate the binges I go on.  Oh well don't have a good excuse why I go on the binges I do.  I still need to take peoples advice and go and tell my doctor what drugs I have been doing.  Just kinda paranoid.  I don't know thinking like my doctor will lock me up.    Just a little paranoid of what would happen to me.  I suprised my doctor or therapist haven't locked me up in the mental hospital but that is a different story for a different time.  I still wonder what happen to those people that I met at the  mental hospital I was at.  Well most of them were good people minus the schizophrenic dude.  Or who I thought was schizophrenica.  I don't know what i'm typing so good bye for now

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by confused456, Apr 23, 2008
I am glad you were in a good mood on this day and that you still are!!

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