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Just dont understand life

Oct 02, 2013 - 4 comments

why is it that I am a good person try to do any thing I can for anyone try to lead the best life that I can but nothing can ever seem to go my way I am always getting disappointed or I have to fight so hard for what I want I am so Tired of it,  but those that do not lead a good life could care less about anything gets everything that want or dont want but others would love and they dont appratate what they have, I am so tired

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by Barb135, Oct 02, 2013
Want to talk about it?  Send me a PM if you like.

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by brice1967, Oct 02, 2013
I'm sorry.  I don't know you but my friend Barb commented on your post and it showed up on my front MH page.  I know full well what it is like to feel like you're in a rutt.

I don't want to sound like a Buddhist monk or anything, but this might help if you let it sink in.  You do what you do for people because it makes YOU feel good.  Doing so for any other reason is a set up for a let down.  

What you may see as others getting everything they want and not appreciate it might be fooling you.  I'd venture a guess that those people do not have everything they want and that is why they don't appreciate all that they do have.

YOU lead a good life for you and those around you.  YOU do what you do for other people to make YOU feel good.  The other people have to figure the rest of it out on their own.

Good luck with this, and just change your focus.

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by giggles232000, Oct 03, 2013
Just had my 2nd miscarriage just dont understand it, dont think I can go thru this again my husband keeps telling me its going to be ok but I am cant stop crying and dont want to go thru this again not sure if I can take a 3rd, had a friend that had 4 dont understand if there really is a God out there why he does this to us not only the physcial part off it but the emotional is even harder

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by Barb135, Oct 03, 2013
Oh giggles, I'm so sorry; I was afraid that might be the problem.  I so hoping you'd carry this one.  I know how badly you want a child.

Your husband is right; it will be okay; you'll have a child, if it's meant to be... I had a sister-in-law who had several miscarriages, as well, then she carried one full term.  Maybe God has other plans for you; you just don't know what they are right now.  I know it's very hard, but one of my favorite sayings is "God brought me to, He'll lead me through it"..

You're welcome to send me a PM any time, if you like...  (hugs)

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