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Oct 04, 2013 - 0 comments

20 weeks pregnant









I'm finally half way thru my pregnancy!
6 days until i see my little one again.

I have Teg's EEG today @1:30.
I got her up at 7 so she's nice and tired like they asked.
I packed everything, set my alarms to get her dressed and one to tell us to wait outside for our cab.
I packed a playaway player from our library, a velvet poster and markers, crackers and preztels for snacks, pull ups and wipes ... I feel like I'm forgetting something.... I can't forget to grab juice at our first alarm.

Can't wait for saturday...I get to see my beautiful mother and my crazy little sister for her birthday and I'm supposed to see my cousin for her birthday which is the same day as my mother's . Tegan plays with her picture on nana's fridge all the time.

I mad the mistake of telling Louis I looked up my ex's facebook and saw that he having what I assume is a girl based on the colors he picked to paint a name on blocks.  

I have this weird competition in my mind that I have to have a boy to out do them.

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