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Oct 10, 2013 - 0 comments

Every one has them even me.. Is not easy being young not because I'm immature or passing.. But parents always overestimate their youth just because their not an adult by  law but.. Being  an adult  only means more responsibilities.. Many adults are immature not matter their age they can be as old as time but that does not mean They are wise.. I have seen older people acting like teenagers not wanting to change their ways just because they wont accept change.. Change is  not always easy but is part of life... Parents should accept that their Children are growing up and they are gonna leave the nest soon.... Is not just about age but is about experiences too. Learning what are the best choices for your life even if people don't approve.. is part of life... Right now I'm facing a decision that I have to make.. Not easy... I decided to stay with my mom until the law says I'm an adult I have 3 years... 1 to finish 12 grade 2nd to finish My job studies and 3rth start working and saving money to move I'm even becoming independent even so I'm not 21 yet.. every time  my dad give me money i'm saving money.. when I get home with mom I'm going to have in of to buy what I want, The studies I'm going to take of 12 grade they will give me money for studying I'm going to start saving with that....

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