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God and the Supernatural? What do you Believe?

May 19, 2009 - 31 comments

This is actually more of a question I'm asking here as a result of a theological debate I'm involved in on another WebSite.

It's in three parts;

Do you believe in God and what is your religious affiliation (if any)?

Do you believe God is a Supernatural Force?

How do you DEFINE "Supernatural?"

It would be helpful if you can give me your "gut reaction" as well as any answers that are given serious thought (unless they are one and the same!!!).

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by outotown, May 19, 2009
1. YES I do believe in God, I attend non-denominational Christain Church
(3) Supernatatural = ( to me i.e. my opinion ) supernatural implies something that has power of its own to act beyond that which is natural!!
2.Is God a Supernatural force? I believe God is the creator of all things seen and unseen, natural and spiritaul, and to quote John chapter 1 all things were made by him and by him do all things consist and without him was not anything made that was made!! Therefore God is not Supernatural but natural, and since God created all things, therefore any powers that be are ordained by God, and the only power that anything has came from God, Therefore God is not Supernatural and is not a force but ALL POWERFUL!!

Now may I say we all have a right do believe or disblieve, to believe in God as whatever form you choose, so do not put someone else's faith down. Just answer this as you believe and leave it at that please!! and discuss your beliefes with your friends in pirvate!!

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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, May 19, 2009
I believe in God as an all encompassing spiritual encounter...............I go to a Methodist church.

I believe in God as more the supreme oppossed to supernatural..........

Supernatural would be more so than natural........

Its a personal philosophy that I have adopted by and for myself.  God as more of a universal spirit....hard to explain...was fine tuned for me while in an ER on life support ..................

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by corey411, May 19, 2009
1) I believe in a Source that we all come from that I refer to as God as it is better understood. I do not believe in any "organized religion" I have taken many parts of mostly Eastern philosophies as well as western and take with me what speaks to my soul as truth.

2) Wish question #3 was #2. I believe that "God" is part of the unmanifested relm of the whole cosmos. He is everywhere and in all of us. We need to peel the layers of the false self that is created and still our thoughts  to hear him.

3) Supernatural is the unmanifested. There is so much energy out there that we don't connect with. Science and quantum physics cannot figure it out. It's just empty space...the unmanifested.
Things like ESP experiences, or dreaming in so much detail that you wake up and remember every detail of a face you never saw before or a room you were never in. Then the memory of that dream just gets sucked away. I believe in former lives so I don't wanna get too weird. There is alot of energy out there and sometimes it starts to manifest itself and we come in brief contact with it.
Thanks BaronMunchy, That was kinda fun:o)

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by BaronMunchausen, May 19, 2009
Heh heh.. I'm waiting to say anything because I'm curious and don't want to have any affect on people's answers. We're bogged down in a linguistic debate (regarding context and definition) on this other site and I thought the best way to resolve it is to see how other people answer these questions.  Without giving to much away the key to the loggerjam is the word "supernatural", which in this context does get into definitions of God.

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by yeah0right, May 19, 2009
1- GOD is real

2- if by supernatural you mean the orthodox term Super and natural then yes that would apply for GOD however the term has a different meaning as well.

3- Supernatural is anything that is of the parallel universe that is not spiritual. Spiritual being a ghost, angels....of God not demonic.

Thats my story and Im sticking to it!! LOL

: )  

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by sail10, May 19, 2009
I know and believe In God and our Savior Jesus Christ and invite you to believe for your eternity's sake and life abundent . We all base our believe's on history and personel experiences . History teaches us Idol worship got mankind no where . Where as History teaches us a One God belief got us everywhere .

One God , belief comes from Abraham who in his heart Obeyed God and offered  his beloved son as sacrafice ( Can you see a simularty to Jesus sacrifice for us , that is a New Coventant ) . God saw this in Abraham's heart and actions and stopped him and gave him a ram to sacrafice in his son's place . For this God declared all his seed have a coventent with God Forever . Both Jewish , Christian , and Muslum belief's come from this Historical Fact .

We all believe somewhat in History , we have to , we were not there . So the question is Belief in God and the Supernatural , Yes God is all things to all people . God gave all the Love He had , Jesus .  
                                                             sail 10

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by Jacqui805, May 19, 2009
Okay, I'm probably gonna incite a whole riot on my a$$ over this, but it IS my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.  Also, I feel that I need to state right up front too, that I am VERY open-minded and can agree to disagree with people and love the beauty that is our diversified populace with all it's opinions.  I am very interested in debates on this and other topics and respect people and their opinions.  Ya never know when someone's opinion is gonna teach you something or even change your own about any given topic.  Okay....

I don't feel the need to define the word supernatural, as it's already BEEN defined.  Now then, of course, there are always gray areas, and even in this already defined word.  Supernatural IS in THIS case, an adjective, and opinions are subjective, so I understand that we may all use the word differently.

I do not believe in any gods, I just never have.  I have gone on my own spiritual quests over my years, but just never found that faith that others have, and I just plain don't believe in any supernatural, all-powerful being, much like the sun gods or tree gods, etc.,  and such and so on, that so many other peoples and populaces have believed in over time.  To me, they are one and the same.  They are a way for us to feel better about things, including death,, and a way to explain the unexplainable.  To me, a god is also a way of maintaining rites and customs, and defining laws and behaviors, and control of a populace's morals, etc. It's just not my way, but I respect those who are comforted by such beings and believe and have faith in them.  My behavior is defined by my character, how I was raised, and my own beliefs.  I am a good person because of my upbringing and what's in my own head.  It's my choice to be.  Now, all of that said:

Supernatural Definition

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su⋅per⋅nat⋅u⋅ral  /ˌsupərˈnætʃərəl, -ˈnætʃrəl/  Show Spelled Pronunciation [soo-per-nach-er-uhl, -nach-ruhl]  Show IPA
1. of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal.
2. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or attributed to God or a deity.
3. of a superlative degree; preternatural: a missile of supernatural speed.  
4. of, pertaining to, or attributed to ghosts, goblins, or other unearthly beings; eerie; occult.
supernatural - 4 dictionary results

Supernatural Definition

5. a being, place, object, occurrence, etc., considered as supernatural or of supernatural origin; that which is supernatural, or outside the natural order.
6. behavior supposedly caused by the intervention of supernatural beings.
7. direct influence or action of a deity on earthly affairs.
8. the supernatural, a. supernatural beings, behavior, and occurrences collectively.
b. supernatural forces and the supernatural plane of existence: a deep fear of the supernatural.  


1520–30; < ML supernātūrālis. See super-, natural

Related forms:

su⋅per⋅nat⋅u⋅ral⋅ly, adverb
su⋅per⋅nat⋅u⋅ral⋅ness, noun


1. See miraculous. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009.
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su·per·nat·u·ral  (sōō'pər-nāch'ər-əl)    
Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.
Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.
Of or relating to a deity.
Of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous.
Of or relating to the miraculous.
n.  That which is supernatural.
su'per·nat'u·ral·ly adv., su'per·nat'u·ral·ness n.

By almost all of these definitions, if there was a god, he, she, or it, would be supernatural.  The adjective definitions for the word are subjective as to this subject I think, but just look at the symonym, a believer, that's the very idea right?  Then you have the adjective definitions listed here towards the bottom, rather than the top, of or relating to a deity, etc.  That's how I view the word.  To me, any god IS supernatural.  That, btw, is not a negative judgement, just my view.

Great topic for debate btw, thanks..


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by jollyman069, May 19, 2009
well well well.... Yes there is a God. one God...he created the heavens and the earth, and he is a supernatural God. because what we can do natirally he can do super naturally, I am a born again Christian and proud of it, I belong to a non denomanational Chrasmatic church

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by flmagi, May 19, 2009
Ok, I guess I'll be the one to give some simple minded answers.

1.  Yes, I believe in a being, greater than us all, who created all that, we'll call it God.  I'm not certain that God is still around or if we & the universe are continuing on it's own momentum. I like to believe God is still out there, so I do talk to him. Considering the immenseness of the universe, beyond what we even know, I can lean to doubting our (humans) significance in Gods eyes.  I was raised Catholic, but currently belong to no specific religion.
2. Yes, I would consider God a supernatural force.
3. I think "supernatural" means something beyond or greater than what we know as natural. Something that we cannot touch, feel, see or prove would be supernatural. I also think what we humans know as natural, is quite limited.  If we could prove scientifically beyond a doubt, that there are ghosts/beings after death, then we would eventually accept that as natural. Same with God, aliens, etc.

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by Prospero73, May 19, 2009

1. I think our concept of divinity is connected to our loss of instinct.  Humans are the only animals that don't know what they're supposed to be doing.  Whether we lost the instincts first and developed the god concept as a result, or the instincts atrophied as the god concept developed, who knows?

2. and 3. The soul, mind, spirit, brain, whatever you want to call it, of a human is an astronomical network of almost infinitely complex electrochemical reactions.  If you were a submicroscopic astronomer examining it with a telescope, it might not be unlike the universe full of galaxies, nebulas, dark matter, etc. that we are familiar with in the outer world we live in.

Somewhere in all of this is recorded every experience a person ever has, and they're all linked to each other.  No one has access to more than the tiny fraction that they need for their daily existence.  Access to larger portions is generally considered evidence of genius and/or divine inspiration.  I think of this as a "higher power," in the sense that 4 is a higher power of 2.  The insights it offers can be of crucial importance, although they generally need to be filtered through the test of common sense, and they are no more supernatural than the synchronized swimming of a school of fish.  

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by cathy5841, May 19, 2009
hahaha jacqui i got the definition of crack me up and i love n miss you...okay, that being said....

i too am a born again christian, of the baptist faith...actually my dad is a baptist preacher...has been for 50+ as you might imagine i have an GOD is supernatural...a natural person could not make the heavens and earth and hang them all just rite in space...a natural god could not take a life as messed up as mine and cange it for HIS me thats unexplainable!!!

thanks for the debate!!

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by BaronMunchausen, May 19, 2009
You see? I gave a hint and Jaqui805 cheated and broke out the on line merriam-webster's dictionary (...which is exactly what I did in the other argument. :->  )

Okay. The problem was that we found that people were using the word "supernatural" differently. Even when going to the dictionary definition we had difficulty because there is a question of intended meaning in definition.

The argument is essentially over whether or not God (assuming his existence) exists outside of nature or is a part of nature. I'm using the word supernatural in the modern sense;

"an object or being that is undetectable within the boundaries of natural law".

To me, this suggests "Natural Law" as known by man's knowledge (and women's. I'll be PC here).

This is an attempt to reconcile the apparent paradox of a God who exists outside of the universe. I'm of the opinion that referring to God as existing as;

"Part of the Universe but undetectable or definable according to known natural laws."

resolves this paradox and is in the spirit of the original translations that refer to God as "Supernatural".

What I found curious is a number of people were using the word "supernatural" as if it referred to an anomaly that existed seperately from our universe which was not the original intent of the word. It made me wonder if some of the contention between non-believers and believers comes about due to a simple misunderstanding in linguistic reference. :-)

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by Prospero73, May 19, 2009
A bit of amplification on the supernatural.  I think it would be more correct to consider humans as essentially SUBnatural, in that we lack the certainty of behavior that exists in all other forms of life.  It takes us many years to master our culture, and that is what tells us, most of the time, who we are and what we are supposed to be doing.  In those hopefully rare occasions when our culture lets us down -- e.g. drug addiction -- we need to call on our "higher power" in order to survive.  It doesn't matter if you conceive this as God in Heaven, divine grace, or some kind of internal resource, the important thing is that it is something that transcends your everyday limitations.

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by sway1, May 19, 2009
for me the goddess is the precious earth beneath my feet, and had we treated her in this way things might be different now. i am wiccan/pagan.
supernatural is something of a misnomer like so many things we believe in as children and are then taught later that these things were not real. i say that they were and still are natural. and they're super.
the world is a magical place. i must add that i find humans to be arrogant in that most believe we are the final evolution of our species and will be somehow spared when the planet self destructs, as it will do, right on schedule as it has for billions of years.
sorry if i got off topic. blessed be. sway

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by Jacqui805, May 19, 2009
Hola Cathy!  :-)  How ya been?  lol  Nice to see ya!


Your comments are interesting and intriguing.  I'm curious about the instinct idea.  Please explain why you think we as humans HAVE lost instinct.  Personally, as I'm now thinking hard on the subject, I don't see that we have lost instinct, so I'd like to see what you have on the topic.  As far as what "we're supposed to be doing", who or what's to say we are SUPPOSED to be doing ANYTHING?  I mean, aren't we supposed to be surviving?  Isn't that what all living being's main goals are?  I think we're doing a bang up job of surviving myself.  I think we're very instinctual beings, but sometimes we don't listen to them.  For the most part though, I think we act on 'em all the time.  We protect our young, we know when hard times are here to be especially careful about our "bounties" and to get what we can while we can, etc.  Very interesting Propero...

Baron (I loved The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen btw!):

Well, I think that the difficulty of deciding whether or not a god is supernatual, comes into play because of people's personal beliefs, in that they tend to feel that the word is either a "good" word, or a "bad" word.  If they view it as a "bad" word, they are hell bent on protecting their god and stating that he has nothing to do with it.  The word odor for example, is not a "bad" word, but people often assign their own beliefs about it, using it to describe "bad" scents.  THIS, I think, is the heart of the matter here, as to whether or not a god is supernatural.  Did I make sense?  LOL, What I'm trying to say is a little hard to describe.

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by outotown, May 19, 2009
If someone has never had vision, and never had the since of touch, how would you describe a color, like blue, red, green, orange ect!! I think its the same way when it comes to faith in God ,a god, or in not believing in God or gods see if we believe in God or whatever we have faith that there is a greater being than us, if we dont believe in anything at all that we just got here by chance then we have faith that there is nothing but chance. HUMMMM!!!!!! seems we all live by faith weather we want to or not!!

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by BaronMunchausen, May 19, 2009
Hmm... five bucks says Prospero has read some Pirsig (or Rousseau).

One of Pirsig's major themes was that humanity has lost contact with their instinctual behaviors due to our obsession and reliance on technology. He also adds that it doesn't have to be this way; we can actually remain connected with our inner selves if we delve spiritually into the "mysteries" of technology (loose translation).

I would say that I agree with you in part. mostly I'd prefer a different term to "sub nature"(under nature?), but I'm picky when choosing terminology (it's my early latin training being obsessive. )

I've got to say I love some of these responses. i'm finding the variety in and of themselves fascinating.  Perhaps nothing gives you a better insight to understanding the concept of God better than listening to another person's perspective on it. :-)


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by Jacqui805, May 19, 2009

I hear ya on our dependence on technology dude, however, while we utilize this, I'm not certain that this means we've lost our instincts.  For example, in the wintertime, we go into our homes and turn our heaters on.  We don't light fires and huddles around them.  IF we lost all technologies, we WOULD revert to lighting fires for warmth, and hunting for our food, and building shelters and whatnot.  The fact is, that we use technology because it enhances our lives and increases our chances of survival.  Now, whether or not a particular man could protect his family, etc., is all about skill.  I'm sure that in the "caveman" days, some people were more able to protect THEIR families than other men.  This is why some people in later years became blacksmiths, and some became farmers, etc.  People all have skills, AND instincts.  No matter what the situation, an unsafe situation let's say, we as people will instinctively do what we can to protect ourselves, get out of the situation, and make ourselves better.  LOL, perhaps we need to take a look at the definition of the word "instinct".  

401786 tn?1309152034
by Jacqui805, May 19, 2009
I was just in the shower and thinking further on my comment, and I just took the quickest to get out and type this addendum:

I think, in this instance of getting warm, using a heater (technology) IS still using instinct.  If you are in a cold situation, instinct tells you that you need to be analyze, then decide on how warm you need to be, and the best way to go about this.  Today, we could go in our home only, OR decide that we need to be warmer still because the temperature of the house is still not satisfactory to keep us alive and functioning, SO we build a heater and utilize IT.  Utilizing heaters, is in a sense, building a bigger, better fire to keep warm.  If we were in a no technology situation, we would still want to build the best fire we could build.  We would want to keep it protected from impending whether, perhaps by building something out of greens, to sit feet above it.  Same thing as the heater.  It is just an example of our instincts telling us we need to correct the temperature situation, only now, we've bettered ourselves and increased our ability to survive, our longevity as it were, by building that heater.  The heater was born out of our instinct to survive cold temperatures.....

Okay now, time to get out of these wet towels peeps, lol..........

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by BaronMunchausen, May 19, 2009
See, I thought i was the only one who did deep thinking while in the lavatory. It seems I'm not alone in this.:->

What you're describing are very base, instinctive reactions to a situation. Funny we got onto this because this is a topic that I've also been getting into lately; Instinct vs. Morality.

Many of what we consider our "morals" are generally based on common instinctive behaviors in the animal kingdom.

The question comes as to which of our moral values are actually based on hardwired instinctual behavior and which resulted from our higher reasoning capabilities. Because of our ability to be rational (and rationalize) we can actually go against what is instinctive and pursue a moral ideal that is actually contradictory towards instinctive behavior.

Take clothing, for example. different societies have totally different views on what is considered a moral dress code. Often these dress codes DID form out of an environmental practical cause (heat or cold).

Yet take one from one enviornment and place them in the other and they will likely continue to dress according to their upbringing and belief systems even in the face of discomfort (ie; I don't care what you say, I'm NOT wearing a grass skirt!!!).

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by teko, May 19, 2009
I believe God is my Father, the Bossman, My friend, My teacher, My significant other and my salvation. I believe he IS all things including the enforcer.  I believe he is a just god, and an angry and jealous god at times. I believe he is a loving god too.

I belong to the Christian faith, consider myself an adopted Jew, since Christ was jewish. Since he left the holy spirit with us when he ascended into heaven, he is not supernatural to me, as he left those very gifts that he did here on earth, with us.

I have a friend that went shopping for a decent bra at a reasonable price.  She was in the middle of the store talking to god about this bra.  What do you think Lord, is this too expensive? etc.  My friend has since passed on recently and when they told her she was not going to last another week she called her family and friends.  While they are all standing around her crying, she said, I know where I am going, so do not cry for me! I am not afraid! Then she proceded to tell us all that she wanted to be cremated. She said that "This body has been nothing but a pain for me, so spend no expense trying to keep it around."  Then she died.  True story!  

I strive and yearn for that kind of faith. One that does not put him in another dimension, but at the dinner table with me every single day.

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by Jacqui805, May 19, 2009
LOL Baron, it's a shame the only way I'll ever see you in a grass skirt is in my dreams  ;-)........

Yes, I DO think the ability to be rational sometimes causes, or in more of a positive way to think about it, ALLOWS, us to pursue a more "moral" way of thinking, as opposed to instinctive behavior.

I think, instinctively somehow, humans tend to dislike, be afraid of, or even destroy, anyone different from themselves.  Our ability to reason and rationalize however, allows our minds to be open to the possibility that these different beings may not be a threat to us, and may somehow enhance our lives through something like learning, or even entertainment, or who knows, or even just that our emotional ability to empathize suggests to us that these different beings may just have the RIGHT to go about their lives whether or not they bring us any benefit.  

Further, for SOME of us (and for the record, not me), when considering punishment for a murder, those people reason that although the instinctive thing to do would PROBABLY be to off that S.O.B., these folks want to spare his life, and site their personal reasons for feeling like this.  Again, for SOME (and for the record, SOMEtimes this IS me), some criminals, those people think, rather than to spend the rest of their lives behind bars for an offense, we might educate or show compassion to, as a better way to serve them and our community.

......Baron, you look mighty fine in dat dar grass skirt, hummina, hummina....  ;-)

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by boldsojah4christ, May 19, 2009
Hello everyone my name is ((((B.O.L.D.)))) I am a firm believer in God & God only!!! I too am a born again christian like jolly! I belong to a church that doesn't practice religion! I also belong 2 a church that believes God is natural & supernatural! Natural meaning that he came down & wrapped himself in human flesh to die on the cross 4 our sins! And supernatural meaning that he arose on the 3rd day 2b seated on the right handside  of the father!!! Now that's my own oppinion! BTW I respect everyones post here God bless Shannon

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by NautyOne, May 19, 2009
My opinion is that God gives us the tools, and we decide how we are going to use them.  Technology will destroy us.  We are not utilizing the tools as God has instructed, therefore, who will be punished?


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by outotown, May 19, 2009
I just want the grass skirt, i just gotta see my wife in one. Then I can weed eat around her HA!!

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by BaronMunchausen, May 20, 2009
Jacqui, human beings revert to superstitious xenophobia whenever under social or physical distress. It makes me think it's actually a hardwired response. I always say you can judge a society by how it treats it's prisoners, children and those citizens lacking in power. That's the true test of social enlightenment.

Naughty- How would you define God's instructions on how we use the tools we are given?

BoldforChrist; are you ascribing the supernatural to God in the sense that he is existing outside the natural order of things, or a part of it?

(pausing for moment of pain; kitten just climbed up my back. Ow.)

So how many here think that God is "Supernatural" in the sense that God exists within the boundaries of the natural order of the universe, and how many think he actually exists outside the boundaries of the natural order of the Universe?

(I'm getting the impression that the majority of you see him as actually being PART of the natural universe).

736475 tn?1281259327
by sway1, May 21, 2009
the kitty is probably getting ticked by not being recognized as a supreme being in the thread.

890982 tn?1259091185
by Prospero73, May 21, 2009
As I've said, I think the concept of divinity is hardwired into human nature as a substitute (or consolation) for the loss of instinct.  The existence of any sort of instinct in humans is a matter of debate among psychologists, anthropologists, and other students of human nature.  It has actually been politicized, especially by Marxist doctrines and their offshoots, which downplay the importance of hereditary traits and hold that human behavior is almost entirely determined by environmental factors.  I think this goes much too far, and believe that innate tendencies are a basic part of human nature.  However, these are filtered through our culture, without which we are, as I said, the only animals that don't know what they're supposed to be doing.

I've never read Pirsig, and had to look him up, but I'll have to take a look at Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (one of the all-time great titles).  Rousseau?  Not for 50 years.  There are no noble savages, and haven't been since we invented language, which is one form of technology that has helped corrupt us into the bewildered dingbats we are today.

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by sam7400, May 22, 2009
Baron baron baron...

For someone who has so many questions and so lifttle faith i can only imagine this to be Educational or training gaps, we are here to be trained and raised in Christ..wether you accept this or not will determine you're ETERNAL's as easy as see the concept of one God is one Ultimate Creator..if God was supernatural why does he need the HOLY TRINITY?..the holy trinity has been and always will be critical to the World and the people in it.." For GOD so loved the world he gave his only begotton SON.. that whoever belives in Him " Should " not perish but have everlasting life " = John 3:16.

This one verse explains alot about the Holy Trinity 1. God 2. Jesus 3. Holy Spirit .. so for example God sent the holy spirit part of his amazing power to the Virgin Mary to create a Saviour to the World and break the past covenant with man..thus creating Jesus and as well you might be aware the full documented life of Jesus explains he did miraculous things as the one and only King of Rightousness..there are no mere mortal men free from sin in the world but i guarantee you this Jesus was always free from sin..and gave his life on the cross spilling his Precious blood freely for you and for i so that we might have a chance to be forgiven by God for any sin's that are unworthy of him.

What a miraculous love Jesus has for us..think of life as a testing ground or a temporary home away from homes..and imagine when we die a physical death we will later experience a spiritual journey up or down into heaven or hell and to get to heaven we will be placed in front of a court like setting where all of our actions and thoughts are recorded into a file, this file is called the TRUTH FILE.. you can't lie or steal or manipulate you way out of this if you have not accepted Jesus's sacrifice he made on the cross for , then what makes you think he will represent you in court? because he wont ! he will say he never knew you and go away from here so God wont wipe away you're sins and just grant anyone eternal life..we need to chase eternal life like a marathon runner in a race for the finish line making sure we are fully aware of our actions all the time because there is another FACTOR the DEVIL who is competing for our souls and wants nothing more than to temp us ever so slightly with a drink or a cigarette or an unfaithful marraige all of which give birth to sin then ultimately give birth to death..the second death of our is our choice if we die a second spiritual death or wether we live in eternal happiness and fruitfullness.

I hope this explains that God id definateley not a supernatural being but a living breathing God who lives in all of us wether we choose to accept it or not is your choice..

God Bless you all.

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by BaronMunchausen, May 22, 2009
" 'O brave new world!' It was a challenge, a command."

Sorry, you're gonna talk noble savages I'm gonna quote Aldous Huxley. :-)

But Propsero, Religion goes back to the days of the early primitives. One could say that religion is a direct expression of those primitive instincts those psychologists question we have anymore.

Well... I see a lot of evidence that instinct still runs through humans, even if it does so deep. We are wonderfully capable of sinking to the most primitive levels of behavior...and then using rationality to explain it away afterwards. But notice I am not disagreeing with your statement. It definitely holds some truth.

heh heh... a little background for some; the Baron Was raised both Catholic and Jewish. I spent my earliest years studying the Torah and later years learning how to avoid the watchful eyes of the priest and the disapproving gaze of the Nuns.

So sam, I see your John 3:16 and raise you a Timothy 4:14-16 and a Math 2:41-43; always remember those works are key. ;->

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by Prospero73, May 28, 2009
"But Propsero, Religion goes back to the days of the early primitives. One could say that religion is a direct expression of those primitive instincts those psychologists question we have anymore."

My thesis exactly.  Early primitives would cover most of human prehistory: after the beginnings of language and before writing, the instincts atrophied as we developed a more flexible method of adaptation.  Some vestiges have survived: perfect pitch, photographic memory, and probably a lot of the "idiot savant" skills, tracking abilities of some of the Australian and African bush people, etc.  Some cousins of mine (by marriage) could find north reliably, not matter how you tried to confuse them.  

Catholic and Jewish: that should give you a lot to think about.  I was raised non-sectarian, with a Mormon minor, which makes me skeptical, even of disbelief.

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