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5-htp, geranium tea, p5p, phosphatidylserine, sam-e,

Oct 15, 2013 - 0 comments








been on the 5-htp for 10 days - took 50mg first day - had the best sleep ever.
it has helped with my sensitivity and intolerance to noise, and non-sociable mien. less jittery though still sad.
I take such small doses - around 15 mg - might change it to 25 mg. but then the other day I was SO ACHEY, during the night, it woke me up, and I fell asleep again and woke up again so sore. stopped it last night - not sore. but I can't definitely attribute it to the 5htp because I am often sore - all over - muscles.
ifound the herb Roberts (geranium) tea also beneficial.
I'm taking half a mitolift daily. good.
stopped the creon. I have one once a day if the meal is fatty.
very directionless in life.
I guess my aim is to get well first.
but sometimes so despairing.
often hopeful.
dropping expectations.
phospahtidylserine contributed to sleep too.
facebook helps keep me connected thank god for friends.
sometimes I can enjoy music.
bit meditation.
don't notice the effect of sam-e, but it doesn't hurt.
able to watch some telly.
thyroid a bit iffy.
voice loss still pretty bad
sometimes less suicidal.
occasional laff.
bit of guitar.
lonely often, or more a case of being isolated/ incapacitated

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