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Bad Day

Oct 18, 2013 - 0 comments

I saw my primary care he more or less told me that here is no treatment for my back pain since my MRI came back normal and I know that that is not true.
The other issue I had that day was 2 months ago I was told I would be getting a care coordinator and 2 months later that person NEVER called and I never saw her at my appointment today. Durring the 2 months I kept getting told that she would be calling and when she didn't I emailed  and my emails were ignored.
I sent another email asking why and I was told that that person had changed her job and that they were looking for someone to replace her. Since when does it take 2 months to replace someone I know I'm being lied to I know I'm not going to get a care coordinator and I need one badly.
I feel like all the help I was getting is leaving me and instead of getting the maximum amount of help for my asthma I'm getting the minimum.

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