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Miscarried @ 7 weeks

May 25, 2009 - 3 comments

I am sad today because I learned I miscarried.  The ER doc said it looked as though there was no baby to begin with, just a sack.  I haven't cried yet and know I need to.  I think it's because I know God is in control.  Before my husband and I started TTC, we prayed that if God gave us a baby, we would praise Him.  And if He didn't give us a baby, we would praise Him.  I have to say, this was not meant to be.  God knows what I can and can not handle and has given me peace.  He also spared me severe pain.  We will try again, when the doc says it's okay.

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900952 tn?1262692177
by macleiory, May 25, 2009
I am so sorry.  Your faith is keeping you strong and that is fantastic.  Stay close to your husband as he will feel grief also and my prayers are with you that you share a baby soon.  xxOOxx

903660 tn?1252977130
by BarbOver40, May 26, 2009
Thank you so much!  

903027 tn?1242253714
by Maca726, May 26, 2009
Hi Barb;
I wasn't on yesterday but was thinking of you. When I loged on I read about your miscarriage. I am so sorry, I know how it feels, I have had two. And even though it is only at 7 weeks it doesn't feel any different than it would at 13....or 16...I am thinking of you, cry if you feel like it, let it out. And  they say "the next one"could just be the one! All my love to you

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