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A letter home from 1951

Oct 26, 2013 - 0 comments

To: Mr and Mrs -- ---
RFD 2   Box 1--
Pineville LA

From: Swampy's [ not yet ] Dad
4--- Nichols SW
Washington DC

Monday Nite
August 13 [ 1951 ]

Hi Maw, Hi Paw, Hi Younguns,

How're y'all?

Well, things is near normal around and about here. There don't seem to be much future in anything in particular so we just go along living from day to day and taking it as it comes.

I went swimming yesterday afternoon at an old rock quarry in Maryland. The water is beautiful, clear, and about 100 feet deep. There are really high rocks on all sides and you can dive from any height up to 70 feet or so. I nearly jerked my left arm off going off a 40 foot cliff. We had a swell time though.

We've been sorta looking around for a roomy apartment in the last few days. This room is beginning to drive us crazy. You can imagine putting a double bed, 2 dressers, a large desk, a sofa chair, a bookcase, and radiator in a 12' x 12' room. That leaves about a 2' aisle around the bed. If anyone is writing at the desk or the like, you have to crawl over the bed get to the other side of the room..

Life is really "tejous" for us that's got all the troubles of the world on our shoulders ------

Ya know, everything I eat at the local chinese restaurant I think of how Glo [ ed: his sister ] would just love all those onions and bell peppers all mixed up in a goulash!

So Mac's [ ed: his youngest brother, < 10 years old at this time ] riding his pretty new red bicycle all over the place now. Well, that's swell, bud.

Glad to head Stony [ ed: his oldest brother ] expects to see Audrey again soon.

Also glad to know that Pappy was feeling well as of August 2.

I asked last letter for the address of my most illustrious brother, Stonewall, but apparently you forgot. Try to remember next time.

Mentally, I feel like writing more but its getting near my bedtime so I had better pull up to a grinding, screeching, halt here.

Pap, I'm gona get you some more of that lettuce in the near future. It grows pretty well here but my garden is kinda small and the worms are bad too.

Well, everybody be sweet and keep your temper control down in the "cool" position. See you sometime -------


Swampy's [ not yet ] Dad

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