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Tumor :(  Conceiving :) Confuse :@

Apr 21, 2008 - 6 comments

Well, today I got my results back and for those who have been chating with me they know that my hormone levels have been wacked off causing me not to have a period and my testosterone is responsible for that.  Well, today I found out that it is not my ovaries it is my adrenal gland and it has a small tumor on it and they need to find out if it is cancerous or not.  But, I know God is going to make a  way for me so I have a scope done on the 30th.  Then once I have it removed...I can start trying and I shouldnt have any problems because my testosterone will go back down causing me to have a cycle which will cause me to ovulate Yea!!!!!!!!!  I am so prayers worked!!!!  Thank you to everyone who prayed for me...although, I still need my friends to pray even more until this is over..:)

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by agamommy, Apr 21, 2008
I am soooo Happy for you.... that is great..... You are so right,....God is going to answer your prayers  and bless you with a little angel... You sound like you have a great doctor too... I wish you lots of luck and I will most deffinately keep you in my prayers..


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by mrs5077, Apr 21, 2008
Good thing your dr. is on the ball and taking care if business....You will be in my prayers....God is good!!!!

Good luck,
Inga 21.6wks

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by Anya1984, Apr 21, 2008
Wow, I really hope that after your "surgery", you will be able to have a normal cycle and finally Ovulate..Im not O because of PCOS. But I am glad that you are not down about it and thinking that it will be for the best. I hope that it will go well and you can finally get pregnant!!!

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by colorado_g, May 01, 2008
I am so sorry to heare that, but u will be in my prayers. but probably u want even need did. I just know that every thing will be ok. Good luck

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by WanaBabi, May 05, 2008
Thank you I appreciate you

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by Powers555, Jun 30, 2008
Glad to hear that you found out what's causing your hormone problems. That's half the battle!!! :-) I had my cort stim test today to see if there's something wrong with my adrenal gland as well. 7-10 days for results.
Lots of prayers and baby dust to you!!!!

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