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I really need some help.please answer me,

Nov 03, 2013 - 0 comments

Please answer me!!





i have a fissure hich has not been bkeeding in a long time.  i also have some hemmoroids.  the doctor is doing a fissurectomy and remove my anal hemmoroids.  then will do the colonoscopy. i have been reading a lot everyone i have read have had worse problems after the surgery.  usually the first time you have a bowel movement you will tear the fissure back o or the pain is unbearable. i dont want to make things worse.  the doctor just sent me in for colonoscopy.  i am getting cold feet i dont want to make things worse.  i have enough problems.  i need to go forward not backward.  please give me some advice.  your friend  charlene    mandy876

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