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i thought i had a few friends left

Nov 04, 2013 - 4 comments








i guess i was wrong.  i really needed some advice but none even bothered.  my feelings are really hurt again.  no wonder no one gets out of depression on this program.  you are supposed to be here for each other.  with friends like this who needs enemies. dont worrry as kif you would be.  anyway i want be mean like ou.  i hope you all get well.  dont wish anything bad on anyone.  mmay god be with you.  mandy876

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by VICourageous, Nov 04, 2013
Hi mandy..I sure wish I could help..I am always on the addiction sites or the relationship one. Do you need someone to talk too or vent..I am here for a few more minutes..I sure will listen if you need to talk..
I am 57 and my Parents are both going down with cancer..I just lost my father-in-law this week becasue of cancer. I am sad but trying to hold on to my sobriety the best I can..

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by jimi1822, Nov 04, 2013
Sending Love and Prayers for your Health and Wellness.

                                                                                                            jimi (lil wing)

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by mandy876, Nov 04, 2013
vicourageous   thank you for answering.  i am in a situation where i dont know what to do.  i am 73 and have medical.  i dont want to make anything worse.  i just want to get better.  i am sure i dont have many years left. the journal i wrote before this one explains the health problem i am having i have to make a decision by tomorrow.  i am supposed to have surgery on the 8th.  i have a tear in my anas they call it a fissure.  he is going to remove it  he calls it a fissurectomy.  and i have hemoroids he is going to remove them.  then do the colonscopy.  i will be knocked out.  every person i have checked on says that the tear next time you have constipation.  and the pain will stay with you.  one woman said after 3 months of pain she finally got to go to the bathroom where  it was not so painful it made her sick.  all the reviews were like that.  help.  mandy876

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by mandy876, Nov 04, 2013
to  jimi    thank you for your encouragement.  i need all the help i can get.  god bless you.  mandy876

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