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May 30, 2009 - 2 comments






I have a little irritabillity today but I find coming to the site helps me get over it. I suggest anyone feeling that way make a trip to the site to help you over it. I think I'm just tired of the fatigue. I want my energy level back. We'll see what the vit. do now for me. Oh by the way my new Doc. I don't like but will go with him for awhile and see if he can bring my cbc count back up...hugs to you all....Jannie Bannie lol

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by turkee23, May 30, 2009
your still sexy..... tell you new doctor that he can make his teeth whiter for under 10 bucks !/ now a days its lasik eye surgery lol

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by Janicaa, May 30, 2009
Geeezzzzzzzz how much you gonna go through silly child of mine. My doc stinks, I hated him but maybe he'll get the anemia back under control. His bed side manner sucked the big one. They took so much blood I hardly had any left. And hell yeah I'm still sexy, look at my little turkey grand daughter...the apple don't fall far from the tree
Have fun today and stay sober child. AND EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!

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