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Quitting Smoking

May 30, 2009 - 1 comments

quitting smoking

At midnight Friday May 29, I stubbed out my last ciggie. I have been wanting to give up for many years and have tried a few times. I think the best I got was 6 days. But this time, it has to be permanent. Already, I feel a heap better. My lungs are getting more oxygen, my breath doesnt stink of cigs, my clothes dont stink of cigs, my lungs are starting to heal themselves, the mucus that gathers on your tounge as a smoker is gone, and I feel so good. I know that over the next month or so there will be cravings, but I need to remember that this is something I have to do for me, my husband, my health, our future, and our children to come.

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by emma1979, May 31, 2009
hi first of all can i say well done on giving up smokin !! i have given up for 3 weeks and 3 days and so proud of myself. yes i stll crave for a fag but think to myself do i really want one ?? ive reailised it is just a habbit after all..just that split second of your day when you stop what your doin think oh ill have a fag. and when you wake up in the morning and pour your self a coffe and what goes with that ?? a fag. walkin to the shop...driving in the car..when i think back now it was all just habbit and repetition. i do feel a lot cleaner and have stoped coughin up crap off my chest.
then reason i did it was because i am now pregnant through first time ivf xx  whooooo xx and if you carry on doing what your doing im sure your body will be alot healthier to create and feed lots of healthy babies for you and your husband in the future  xx keep smiling and thinkin positive xxx

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