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thank god for competent doctors!!

Nov 05, 2013 - 1 comments

had a small win yesterday. very thankful, as it has been no fun lately.
had a spot on my skin which never healed properly, was becoming a thick scar/ sore on my forehead.
went to doctor, thought he would refer me to plastic surgeon, blah blah blah -
anyway - i said feel free to snip it out - he did it straight away!!
fantastic, one-stop-shop.
great job too - he is quite a stitch wizard - i have been very good and haven't even had a look under the dressing - but it looked good as soon as he'd done it.
i needed a break. it's all done and dusted, not dragged out over the specialist's calendar or between two cities and chronic fatigue... it was here one minute and gone the next... haven't got the bill yet... and i hope the stitches dissolve okay... he might've even taken a crease out of my brow as well... yes i'm vain...
thank god.

it also rained heavily this morning and brought some birds in which were great to look at.

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by TheLightSeeker, Nov 06, 2013
Glad for you sweetie. Small wins help build momentum for bigger ones.
You sound better than I can remember.
Love & Light.

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