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i am so tired of being sick.  i am done  

Nov 08, 2013 - 2 comments

so tired





everythg is going wrong am so tired of living this life.  my friends are all dead or too  old to care about anyone.  i am so sright now i am sweating and it is cold.  i was unable to go to any of my doctors tests.  i backedout on the fissure remval.  that could mean i would wear a coloomy bag for life or live ipain for the rest of my life.  my niece got mad when i tried to wake her up for my mamogram and bone density test.  so i could not go i called AND TOLd them i did not hAVe a way to get there.  what do i do now.  i set things up for the times she names and it is still wrong  i dont want to live like this anymore.  i am in her way she wants to take over my life.  good luck to her.  she will make a ying.n r lif and does not careto find out how.  i love you guys d gals.  i just want to go home.   goodby charlene mandy876

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by 4Maddie44, Nov 08, 2013
We all get tired of life sometimes.  It can throw a lot of us and tries us.  We all feel ill and wonder if we can go on.  I know from experience.  The thing is to try and fight it as best you can.  You are not alone in your feelings.  We all die, and we all loose loved ones and as we get older it is obvious this is going to happen.  You cannot stop the cycle of life.  We must keep0 those who have passed in our hearts.

I understand why you cancelled your operation.  Make sure you drink priobotic drinks and eat live culture yoghurts.;  You can also take priobotic tablets.  These will all help with your gut.  

Tammy so much, but I am alone, and have to find ways of getting to places.  You must not blame her for everything.  It is up0 to you to find other ways to do things.  You would have to get to places if she did not live with you.  OK you do not want to live the life you are living any more.  So what are you going to do about it?  It is up to you to change things, nobody else.  

Please stop moaning to us about your niece, we cannot do anything about it.  This has gone on for such a long time.  Yes we are your friends, but any suggestion we make on how to improve things, falls on deaf ears.  We listen, and we sympathise.  Remember we all have things in our lives that cause us stress.  Yes we want others to listen.  And we do listen to you, no doubt about that.  

You are saying goodbye again.  How many times is it you have said that to us?  How many times have I said goodbye to you?  

Be strong if you can and change things for the better if you can see how to do it.  If you want to leave here and carry on as you are, it is up to you.  We listen, we advise.  What else can we do?  Remember you can talk to us, but please, please don't tell us things we have heard so many times before, and that you are unwilling to change.  You and Tammy have to work things out between you, nobody here can do it for you.  

If you are sure you want to leave this time, then I wish you well.  I will think of you, and hope you can work out things so you live a better life.

Take care

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by mandy876, Nov 08, 2013
i am so sorry i am such a pain.  i will no longer bother you with my feelings i thought i hasd somewhere to vent my feelings and emotioms and let them out. but apparently not you are too busy to judge. me.  i am sick of everything i dont expect to make friends with anyone.  hope you have a wonderful life.  dont take all your prob;ems out on me.  you will be happyi want be around for you to kick down when i need a friend.  mandy876

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