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Day 2/3

Jun 03, 2009 - 1 comments

So, Monday was my last day doing any opiates narcotics whatever have you...Haven't felft too awfully bad.... Just now am starting to get that creepy crawly feeling coming over me. Some addicts/buzz buddies of mine call it the Heebie-Jeebies, whatever you call it, it *****.... Chills, then sweats...this feeling like there is a sledgehammer in my back...oh god, de-tox really is like holding yourself down and injecting into your veins the worst kind of flu you've ever known....I slept peacefully last night, I know that tonight I'll be up to see tomorrow's light... I can just feel it...but I choose to stop this cycle, I'm going to sweat it out this time...I've lost my self respect, relationships with my family, so many friends along the way...lost too much to let this go on any further...thanks for being here...Someday I'll be in a better place to help ya'll too.  I feel a little selfish at times, but I know soon I'll be the inspiration to someone like me, afterall , it all happens for a reason, right??

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by gizzy32, Jun 03, 2009
Welcome to the start of recovery and congrats on doing this. Although you may have lost some things, you are still alive and can get so much back. It is baby steps, but once you see that light, things start to become easier and clearer. It takes some work at first, but it will all be worth it. I hope your w/d's are not too bad, are you taking anything for sleep, etc? Look into the thomas recipe in the health pages if you haven't yet. Best of luck and stay strong!!!

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