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First week!!

Jun 04, 2009 - 2 comments

Ok I weighed this AM as it is my first week and I am down 8.5 lbs. WHOA!! I just did my first exercise too but I did it before I ate breakfast.  I hope that was not a bad thing.  I got up and did the 20 minute workout and then ate some leftover baked chicken from last night with my water. I am not doing so good with breakfast.  I just can not motivate myself to fix breakfast in the am.  I have had steak, pork and chicken so far this week along with a tomato.  When I go grocery shopping I am going to try to find a protein shake to drink but I hope I can find a good one. For exercise I did the start walking video with Leslie Sanome (sp?) It is only 20 minutes but you do a mile.  You also do lunges and different things during it.  There were a few times I just walke in place but I hope to be able to do the whole thing soon.

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914086 tn?1247737867
by alicat007, Jun 06, 2009
You are doing so well!! I on the other hand suck but am not giving up yet!

916516 tn?1245885188
by b3mom, Jun 06, 2009
You don't suck.  I think there is just so much that makes us succeed.  I only do good if things go my way....Today I ate a protein bar for breakfast and have drank hardly any water.  Plus I have not been to the grocery and I am in no way prepared for supper and I am hungry not starving. I know mine is in  my head like an addiction b/c physically I am not hungry but I think about food.  Also I was thinking subway would not be a bad choice but I hate to get a 6" when a footlong is much did I just pay to go to this clinic and for the stupid shots and diet pills.  I am obssessed with there a cure for that?  Sorry for the messy post but I have to get back to work

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