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Out of control

Jun 07, 2009 - 2 comments






Since I have been to the clinic I have realized how out of control my eating habits are.  First I have gotten really bad about making a list and going to the grocery store.  I have been a few times since my visit but not with a planned menu and list. If I had a list I would have got the lettuce when I bought the salad stuff the other day. This is something I have got to make a habit.  I know the weekends are crazy and I need to come up with some simple, healthy crock recipes.  Last night when I got done with work I drove to Wendy's.  I did get the grilled chicken sandwhich w/ a side salad & diet drink BUT I know that was not really healthy. I know if I would also pack me stuff to go work I would have a full feeling when I get off work b/c I really am not hungry with these pills but I always think about food. I realize now more than ever than mine really is an addiction.  If I can just filling that addiction w/ fresh fruit and veggies maybe I will not hinder my weight loss.  This is going to be hard for me to create new habits since I have been this way for years but maybe since I have admitted to it I hope it will be easier.  Last week I had already weighed again to see about the weight loss but not this b/c I am worried and I spent all the money going to that clinic.

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by alicat007, Jun 08, 2009
It is funny you say all this because my daughter just moved in with us a few months ago and is pregnant with her first child. She does all the things you are talking about. She makes me take a list to the store every time that way we know what we are cooking and that we have all the stuff needed to make it with when the time comes. She also has taught me to replace any item I buy~so if i buy a can of beans instead of one can buy two and that way it is always replaced. So when I want one of my fave's it is already there! She is big on having fresh fruit and veggies with dips on hand for snacks. And says to take easy snacks to work too. Like nuts and dried fruits. That way if you stay late or come home hungry you have a snack to tide you over. She also has on hand sweet items like a whip and fruit salad or cake mix with no icing which I really like just the plain cake slice. She has arranged my whole kitchen where I can find my seasonings and bread crumbs and what flavorings I have on hand so I don't re-buy them. She has added a cheese slicer and other utensils to help making dishes easier so I won't get discouraged when I have to mix more than a couple of things to get a meal made! I come from quick and easy and she has shown me that a few more steps can make a huge differance in the taste of a meal! She hasn't gained hardly any weight and is 7 months pregnant. She snacks when she is hungry but they are healthy snacks and it seems to be working well for her.  Boy, what a kid can teach a mother!  

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by b3mom, Jun 09, 2009
I know I have got to get it together.  Everything is crazy here right now.  I own my own business and between and end of school activities it is killing me... I am going to write my list tonight and go to the store soon.

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