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My story

Nov 27, 2013 - 2 comments







excessive flatuence





I’m ready to share my story. Its been unhealthy keeping it all bottled inside. So I finally found a place where I can post this and people won’t think of me as a complete joke. I've have an odor/excessive gas problem for 7 years.

It all started when I was around 12/13 years old I just started having excessive flatulence. This really has made my life a living hell and people who are going through the same thing know what I mean when I say that. I went from being the shy kid who loved school and learning to completely anti-social and wanted to avoid being around others.

High school was the worst time of my life so far. I couldn’t walk into a classroom without people laughing and making comments. Heck they would even go out of their way just to make fun of me. They don’t take into account how you feel or the fact that you have ears and can hear them. You don’t know how many years I’ve had to put up with full classrooms of people ragging on me for hours at a time. Deliberately seeking me out in hallways and in the cafeteria just to make fun of me; I know that saying is true “you can run but you can’t hide”.  The whole school knew I who I was and what problem I had. I was sought out every chance and it was very depressing.

I thought college was going to be different but I was wrong. My first year wasn’t bad, I only had about 3 comments/situations where someone said it smelt when I was around; but nothing major. I managed to make a few friends and no one seemed to notice my odor/flatulence issue. Now currently I’m in my sophomore year and so far it’s been hell. Its reminding me of high school all over again. Yesterday (11.25.2013) was the worst day of my college experience so far. I was completely ragged on by this girl in my class. She talked about me quite loudly. And told everyone in the class that I smelt. This girl really has it out for me. It almost feels like I'm a spotted criminal. She is really going out of her way to make me feel like nothing, well guess what she succeeded. This reminded me a lot of high school because people would do that all the time to me. But it didn't happen in my 1st year of college so I wasn't prepared for someone to act that way in college. In college, I thought people would be a little more mature and realize its not our fault there are conditions out there that cause this and that we didn't ask for this unfortunate thing had to happen to us.

You'd think I would be used to it by now but nope every time there’s a comment said about me my stomach drops completely I stop breathing and my chest constricts. It’s the worst feeling in the world. Its like as soon as someone finds out they lose all respect for you, they literally treat you like your nothing. Its just a big joke to them.

This problem has taken my youth from me. I never got to develop into the person that I was meant to be because its caused me to become shell of a person and its limited me on so many things. I've completely isolated myself I only really leave the house to go to school. I even have neighbors just next door who haven't seen me in years because I stay locked up in the house. I can't even go to the store without feeling anxious that people will smell my odor. Its a very hard way to live. I've always been nervous to share what I've gone through because I'm terrified that people will take it as a joke and just make fun of me too. But if you find this funny, I wish you could spend a day in my position then it wouldn't be so funny anymore.

I’m ready to fight this so I can actually begin my life. I’m 19 now and I just want to be a young lady that doesn’t have to worry about flatulence all the time. That’s why I’m starting to take control. I’m trying a lot of these supplements,remedies,etc. that people have been suggesting works on this site. I know the solution isn’t going to happen overnight because its been going on for 7 years so I have a lot of work to do. But I’m definitely going to fight this. Even if I can’t get rid of this problem I can at least die trying. I’m just so tired of feeling sorry for myself and so weak that one comment can make my world crumble down. I just really want to start living my life. Finding this site and seeing that I'm not alone has been the most relief I've felt in while. Anyone feel free to message me. I just really need someone to talk to that can relate to me.

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by aalliiyy, Nov 29, 2013
Hi jjane, I’ve just read your story and its pretty the same of mine, I feel your pain and what you are dealing with, and oh man... it has been a long time since I cried because of this problem until I read your journal and I swear I could hear your voice while meditating your words of pain.

my situation started 5 years ago  and it literally wrecked my life, i failed in the first year of college cause I was missing most of lectures because of my nonsense sickness, I have visited tens of doctors and took too many medications to no avail until i gave up help, then gave up on life, I dropped out of college cause every time I was remembering how I was treated well by my teachers and how my friends respected me, its funny how my fate slapped me straight on the face... my whole life I was studying & studying and once I reach my goal  that I worked for everything ???????

now i am studying this problem and i am trying to understand it, we can discuss the roots of the problem or just talk about anything if you want, I feel lonely too.
I just added you as a friend btw;
                                              ''I wish you the best of luck''

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by Stillstandingin2013, Dec 13, 2013
My story is a lot like yours. I think ur so brave to continue school. Please don't let others stop you from your goals. I know it can get so hard living this life,but try to stay positive. Remind yourself that God is with you always. You are never alone. I'm looking for answers too, and if I find anything, I will spread the word. I want all of us to get out lives back. Until then, please contact me whenever ur feeling low, and need a shoulder to cry on.

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