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Lost 10 yrs w my father

Dec 01, 2013 - 1 comments

So, it was too much for Bernie to go on the wagon again in his late 60's.
I'm a lot younger. In my early 50's. I caught this bugger in time. It is harder as you spend more time on the planet.
  For the lucky ones, CTs horrid withdrawals.  I call that lucky, because for some of us, we have no choice but the drag on & temptation of a different type of going off pain meds.   I can only use my own best medicine of positive thinking. Maybe this time I will prove that psychiatrist ( whom I mistrusted ) wrong. He told me the opioids stay in the body longer than 21 days & the reason why I felt like death warmed over was the fact that the withdrawal was just beginning for me.
I shall begin to follow some of my more esoteric beliefs. Every cell in your body changes..
We are 87+/-% water & water changes form when it is blessed or damned. ( big study Japan)

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by 89NotAgain, Dec 01, 2013
Exactly right! So right!

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