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so what happened?

Jun 11, 2009 - 10 comments

the crusaders came. christian knights from europe. they massacred men, women, and children, jew as well as arab, it should be told: all who were not christian, most of whom didn't know what a christian was. the crusaders destroyed the intellectual and scientific life of western asia and northern africa. they burned the largest, most complete library in the world in tripoli, reducing to rubble scores of scientific and artistic centers.
   now let's see...where are we today? information at our fingertips. if you are christian, is this not blasphemous? just food for thought here folks. these things happened.

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by SophieShine, Jun 11, 2009
yup, sad but true, just like The Inquisition!

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by April2, Jun 11, 2009
Definitely, what they did was so wrong and hurt Christianity in my opinion. Jesus never forced himself on people. If people didn't accept him, he went on his way. I think we all tend to let our "humanness" get in the way sometimes instead of trying to really rely on God.

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by boldsojah4christ, Jun 11, 2009
Amen our lord is a gentle lord! He gives us freewill never pounding the truth n2 anyones skull!! It is sad though when you hear of events like that!! But then again that just goes 2 show you if you do not truly have the love of christ in you!! Then it is easily 2 be pimped by the devil!!!! shannon:

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by sway1, Jun 11, 2009
the knowledge lost during that time. why was it so important to have it destroyed. what are called heathens, which roughly translates to people who lived off away from settled villages were able in some small way to pass down their stories and knowledge in the old way, generation to generation, much like our natives. then the term heathen became a dirty name to be called, and pretty much still is today. i know that's what my drill sargeants used to call us if we chose not to attend chapel. i now would wear the name with pride. i feel that the old ways of passing down our own unique heritages was priceless. i am sure it still lives on in remote places and that makes me smile.

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by rogelio63, Jun 11, 2009
Where I'm from in Kentucky, the word,"heathen" was pronounced, "heathern".  i grew up being called a heathern when we would run through and stay out in the woods all day.  I'm okay with being considered a heathern even though I know the Lord,  he knows my heart.
it's interesting the knowledge that's been handed down in traditions, songs, rhymes and such.  A lot of that knowledge that the druids and bards had was never written down, it was all oral tradition.  I've never seen anything translated out of the ogam writing of the druids although I know it can be read I have a book that tells how.  I've read that during the druidic training, they used to have to memorize immense amounts of material.  One method was to lie on their backs reciting poems, sagas etc,,, with a huge stone on their chests to keep themselves awake.  They would either stay awake concentrating or fall asleep and truly fall asleep.  Einstein used a similar method when he would contemplate a mathematical problem, holding a large metal bowl in his lap, he would concentrate holding metal ball bearings in his hand, if he dozed off, they would fall into the bowl and the noise would wake him so he could get back on track.

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by sway1, Jun 12, 2009
i spent some time in pikeville back in my crazy youth. what is the name of the book? i would be very interested in checking it out. on my way to go camping this weekend so from one heathern to another, have a blessed day!

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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, Jun 15, 2009
Yeah Sway - - But didnt we do it for their own good?   Shades of our Vietnam policy!!   I agree with BOLD in that true Christians dont really act that way, I dont believe ............ and it shows that we all can learn - - just when we think a particular person or group has the answers its time to send them back to school........ dont ever let your own guard down...

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by sway1, Jun 15, 2009
we being who? i would have been slaughtered for my own good? i am not sure i know what you mean. i do pray that we all are more civilized now, but as current events occur every single day, it appears that day is yet to come. i'll keep my guard up, but i am a trusting soul. have a wonderful day.

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by rogelio63, Jun 15, 2009
Hmmm,,the book with the training methods was by either Caitlin or John Matthews,,but the one with the ogam writing is called,"America, B.C."

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by sway1, Jun 16, 2009
thanks rogelio63!

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