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HELP ME PLEASE - herpes, yeast,

Apr 28, 2008 - 1 comments

I recently had oral sex from my girl friend of eight months. this is our first sexual experience. i later got some marks on my penis which a doctor diagnosed as a red **** from vigorous oral sex. possible skin irritation but nothing to be alarmed about but it has been persistent. my symptoms include:

- frequent urination at night
- not fully done peeing but it stops or not full urination
- redness; small red spots but i was told it was discoloration not herpes
- flaky skin on penis head
- muscle pain
- neck pain, almost like it is swollen
- groin pain - testicles & pelvis area
- clear discharge that sticks to my boxers almost like pre *** but is very little
- pain in penis that shifts sometimes left or right?
- other

i have been given different prognosis. its been persister over a month. my girlfriend has gotten checked out & had no prior infections. says things came back negative but i am skeptical. i know she has had cold sores before. i did however notice nothing to prevent me from allowing her to perform oral sex. i would love to get closure. i have yet to see a specialist. my GP wont give me a referral and stated a little discharge of semen is normal. my girlfriend has been faithful too my knowledge. i am a little worried now. its carried on over a month. the penis burning is uncomfortable. a doctor checked my prostate and says it is enlarged which could cause penis pain around the tip. a burning sensation though normal? what does this sound like? i got some cream for a yeast infection & fucidin. any help would be appreciated. i am looking into a referral for a specialist as this has been awhile. all tests came back negative. i never had a herpes test though. only examinations and a couple of those at that. any help is appreciated. i haven't had puss, blisters, or itching. i notice with cream on i may get the odd itch but nothing out of the ordinary. thanks.

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by Med Help, Apr 28, 2008

Best place to post this would be our STD Community at


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