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Let me see now for about four months I think I started stumbling! Everything was great for a while about April it started really getting bad. I saw two different doctors and they prescribed medication. This infection ate that medicine for breakfast. I kept going and thought it will clear up not!! I now can not take any of the little antibiotics not anymore! Vanc, Clinda, Cefta,Zova, Heparin shots, Pain Meds, Nausea Meds. Welllll folks it has been a little bit rough. Spent four days in the hospital and would not talk to anyone hardly just watch tv. I was pissed seething burning up hot poker mad. If doctors WOULD SOMETIMES LISTEN. I had this infection growing since April. I kept saying it wasn't getting better. One day I went to the ER and I almost fell out. My hearing felt like I was in a tunnel and still does. I felt unbalanced off. I could not hold one thought in my head. This is the second time I had this and I knew what it was. I went two days straight the first day the gave me pain meds and sent me home!! I went back like a nightmare and said LOOOOKKKKKKKK I have Staph find it I know!!! And don't give me any more damn PAIN MEDICINE UNTIL YOU FIND IT. It came up positive in my URINE. IT took two days for it to grow for them to figure out how to kill it!!! In the meantime I was quarantined for four days. Then I came home with the PICC and I have IV therapy every day twice a day. Ok People I was furious after day two of being home I kinda deflated. I shed some tears and then I released it because you know what it is no use to be MADDDD for to long. The PICC makes my chest hurt and it tightens up reallly bad at about four am and I stay awake for hours but it seems I just got over getting up that early I like to see the sun rise and I see it every morning!! But folks I need to say I need a GOOODDD PAIN MANAGEMENT Doctor I have this needle feeling in my feet every morning since this happened and my back just cooks!! Urology and PCP NO  NO NOOOOOO!!! PM PLEASE SOMEBODY IN BALTIMORE TELL ME SOMEONE IS A GOOD PM!! Sheesh!! Ok I feel better this really is a good way to let it alll GOOOOO!!

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