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Dec 05, 2013 - 3 comments

weight lifting





I considered myself splurging and still came in under my "BMR"…so what is going on?  Why is my BMR so much lower?  Didn't exercise yesterday work got in the way.  Will exercise today.  Sometimes I wonder if I am better off doing cardio (which I hate) or weight lifting (which I love).  Not sure about the benefits of either.  I know when you weight lift, you increase your muscle mass and, thereby, increasing your bodies ability to burn calories but you do not burn too many calories per se during the exercise.  But Cardio, burns calories quickly but does little for your muscle mass.  Any suggestions?

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by tigerlilly5909, Jan 09, 2014
You need cardio for your heart and for weight loss but just because strength training isn't needed as often doesn't mean it doesn't give you just as many benefits as the hours of cardio you put in.

I like the ratio of 4 hrs. per week of cardio and 1 hour of strength training per week. I do not use heavy weights and do 1 DVD with a ball and the other with a chair. Both DVD's work the whole body. I do 30 minutes of cardio 2 days a week before my 30 min. DVD's.

I hate strength training because I have to think about it and can't let my mind wander like when I'm on the treadmill. But it truly is the icing on the cake when it comes to how I feel and look.

Do you do heavy weights? I have always wondered if I would take it up if the hubby got a weight bench.

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by amylocklear, Jan 09, 2014
Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it!

No I don't do heavy weights.  I actually stick to BARELY comfortable weight (in other words, towards the end of a rep it gets harder but can be handled at the beginning of the next rep). I am not a weight lifter by ANY means…nor do I have any desire to be…but I love what it does to the shape of my body;  It really helps to "cut".  I don't have a six pack or anything, but I can tell a difference in definition when I do it. I really love the weights and, as long as you stick to higher reps, and lower weights (remember, barely tolerable), then you can see the benefits without killing yourself.  Mind you, at some point, the BARELY tolerable weights become tolerable and then you have to "up your game".  I am not a fan of the female body builder physique but a good solid (not so jiggly) shape is what I am after and I think weight training is the only way to do it.

I like quick results which I think is why I like weight lifting because the results are small but there; my jeans fit better (if only slightly) within a day or two of doing muscle training.  

I have resigned myself that I have to do some cardio…but I hate it.  I am doing the recumbent bike and reading.  Treadmills are just boring to me and it is difficult to read while doing them.  I have played Sudoku on the elliptical which is OK.  I have to keep my mind engaged with something, otherwise, all I can think about is when I can get off of this boring machine.  I have done 35-40 minutes while playing Sudoku (on my phone) while on the elliptical with no problem, but if my mind is not engaged on something else…15 minutes feels like torture.  

621085 tn?1614300231
by tigerlilly5909, Jan 09, 2014
Yes the story of the DREADMILL! I hate it too but my mind keeps me busy. Sometimes too busy. lol

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