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Outlawed: "Important Medical Discovery" ... But Why?

Jun 13, 2009 - 4 comments

I'm happy to see that  Dr. Mercola has written an article about this, as I've been wondering the same thing ?

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by kiddthekatt, Jun 13, 2009
  I remember this from years ago. It's a shame that any of this ever had to happen. Can you imagine how many people could have been saved? I'm happy to see that doctors and scientist are doing something to bring back the doctors findings. Could this be something that might benefit those of us with FMS/CFS? We can only hope. Thanks for posting this, very interestring.

gentle hugs

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by teko, Jun 13, 2009
As long as healthcare is a business for profit and not putting things out there that actually cure people, this will go on.  Think about all the money that would not be generated if we dared cure anyone of anything, especially cancer.  It would cease to be profitable and we would be overpopulated to boot. IMO this is why these things are shut down. Sad isnt it?

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by PlateletGal, Jun 13, 2009

I became aware of this after an "alternative medicine" treatment that I had done several times. The test is called EAV testing and it was invented by a German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll. After I had the testing done, it totally changed my views on "alternative medicine" and even my ENTIRE outlook on health. Anyhow, it was the practitioner who told me about Rife testing (apparently it is similiar to EAV testing) and everything that the government did to shut down Dr. Rife's practice. I'm always interested in things that help me and so I did some research on the internet about Dr. Rife and I can only tell you that our government has done some many shameful things in the past. If you look at what they did and are still doing to Gulf War Syndrome, lyme and CFS patients.... it is quite clear what is happening. How many of you are aware that CFS has a very long history and that the name "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" was labeled by the CDC, yet everyone around the world knows that the true name of this illness is myalgic encephalomyelitis and that this illness has hospitalized people decades ago ? The CDC also had funds allocated for CFS and they used the money to research other diseases instead. This scandal, at least, was reported by major news sources such as the Washington Post.

Interestingly enough, the woman who recommended EAV testing and first told me about it is a medical healthcare professional. (western medicine).  ; ^ )

I feel alternative medicine signficantly improved my health around 2000 (?) and then when I quit going to these practitioners and I was working many hours, etc.... I relapsed years later. Fortunately I found another practitioner now who does this testing and I am feeling the best I've felt in a long and continue to make progress.

I can only share my insights as to what has been benefitical for me. I still laugh when I think of Cher, who has CFS, going to  Germany for her CFS treatments. I wonder if we've been doing some of the same treatments ? But I am sad for those people who have CFS and other chronic illnesses and who, like me, only years ago being bounced around from specialist to specialist... with no relief, no hope and no answers.

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by VaBreeze, Jun 13, 2009
Yes, CFS is definitely not a new disease.  Neither is FMS.  These illnesses go back through history, just called by different names (depending upon the era).  

I agree that our govt. has done things that would make others infuriated if they knew.  It can all be located online, should one do the research and take the time to read about what has happened in our beautiful world.  I believe that some choose closing their eyes and ears over wanting to know more.  It's the easiest choice rather than to actually face the truth.  Many do not want to hear or know anything that will disrupt their beliefs or outlooks.

While these illnesses aren't new, we should be asking why they are more prevelant today.  Why are so many falling ill?  Why are they told that their illness is simply a matter of psychological belief systems and not real?  Why are we spending our lives going from doc., to doc., to doc. only to get pumped up with medications and leave with no real answers?  CFS/FMS and many other immune type illnesses are going down the same paths as GWI and Morgellon's.  People will suffer and wane before anything is done...some will die. We continue to be told one thing; yet we know differently.  We know our bodies are is screaming at us with pain, fatigue and a host of other unusual symptoms.  

Alternative medicine is the only answer for some of us.  Of course, there will be some who are satisfied with taking only drugs to mask symptoms.  Yes, there are things in science that can help us all...and i'm sincerely happy to see that some physicians are standing up for the cause and taking action.

PlateletGal, I totally agree with you about being bounced around.  When I look back on how many medical probs. I had, how many physicians I have seen, how many tests I have had done, how much money i've spent...all for nothing.  I was sent to an infectious disease specialist when I was a young teenager.  I wasn't the least bit worried...I had no idea what an infectious disease was at that time.  I sure could think of a million other ways to spend my hard earned $$$'s.  It's very sad.

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