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Ice Day!

Dec 06, 2013 - 0 comments

I already had today planned as a vacation day.  But I've got an inch of ice/sleet at my house - office closed.  So I get the day off AND get to keep my vacation day.  PLUS I'm wrapped up in my favorite warm clothes with my Christmas tree plugged in.  The world outside is silvered & frosted so beautifully....this is just the perfect rest day my spirit needs.

After the frantic pace of November, with its pain, loss, & stress, I've been craving for a little peace to just rest.  And here is a gift to my heart from God.  A whole precious day to  To enjoy the particular peace that comes when the outside world is hushed with winter.  My sweet little home snug & warm.  And my tree twinkling with quiet hope & joy.

Yup.  This will be a good day....

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