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Staying home

Dec 08, 2013 - 9 comments

MedHelp new friends helped me feel free to go from main home up to new hse/art studio.
I love it up here. It's a little hotter, but it's so open & I designed it. All the furniture is on wheels, custom designed & my guys made the furniture.
  Mommy Baby stays up here. When Don brings up the meals, Mommy B comes by & inspects everything before I eat. Even sniffs the juice.
  Princesa Sofiela stays up here w me too. She's a doll ( dog). I talk to them all day, & it's such a drag they can't come to USA.
  I hope to extend. Make a quick trip to Panama to get a Visa extension.
One goal. Take a walk. I'm still in bed.
  I've started a painting. In past years when my energy level so low, I'd paint in bed. I have a great chaise lounge but I'm trying to paint standing up.
  Don leaving for China Friday AM.

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6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 08, 2013
I stopped to eat home grown papaya & banana salad. Yum

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Dec 08, 2013
What is the weather like there???

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 08, 2013
Costa Rica is a Tropical Country.
Close to the Equator.
Our Rainy season is April-Nov
We're going into dry season, so it'll be hotter each day.
    We are in the Rain Forest mountain. so the cool breezes come up at night. My art studio has 6 ceiling fans. Today I'm running 3.
  Are you in  the Cold? Maxy

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Dec 08, 2013
Yes..I am 50 miles from the Canada Border in N Idaho..Right at the top of the Boot. It has been 0 degrees and minus at night..When it starts to snow it will warm up..We already have Snow..Have you ever looked at the Pis on how deep it gets. I want to come over there until March..Hahahaha OH how nice it sounds over

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 09, 2013
Hi Vicky.

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 09, 2013
Hi. Kitty interruption. I asked you over Doll! Come check it out. I need a caretaker.
I lived in Waukesha , Wi for awhile. You're colder though.
I didn't even like summers there. Too humid & buggy.
California is still nice in the high desert, but the ocean city's are very polluted.
Here in Costa Rica,we like it in the rainy season too. After talking to you here yesterday,it poured rain in buckets. I designed an overflow at a section of gutter. I call it a Rain Curtain. It's amazing.
  On a serious note. How's Mom? Are you the only caregiver ?
Do you still have your own children at home?  Sending love ' & prayers. Maxy

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by weaver71, Dec 09, 2013
I thought this was your dry season. Isn't summer when most the rain happens?

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Dec 09, 2013
In the wet season sometimes it will rain 24/7. I actually Love that too. My rain curtain is designed for that & we've a tank system that collects water.
As it gets out of wet season it starts letting up rain a few hours in the am.
Then a few hrs more & some dry hrs in the afternoon. But it still rains so hard all night you can't hear music, above the natural music of rain.
As it gets dryer season, there will be light showers am & pm with rain starting later & later each day. I'm only talking about Dominicalito where I live. Coastal rain forest mountains.
   We cry when it doesn't rain a bit every other day in the dry season. Then we must irrigate. Papaya, Avacado,Mango, Mandarina & lots other trees grown here on the ranch. Pineapples 5 kinds of banana plants, tropical flowers & food gardens.   There is primary Rain Forest behind us, & second & 1st growth farm below. Our place has 5 hectares, or 12 1/2 acres.

6811971 tn?1385557755
by ExPat2013, Dec 10, 2013
Pineapples and Papaya are my faves!!!! It must taste so fresh there!

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