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Dec 10, 2013 - 0 comments

10 more days and ill be in double digits of 99 days to go ! im so excited :) Although im no where near ready im not done buying all the big stuff .
Im waiting until after Christmas .  I went threw her clothes me my mom bought and my sil gave to me and i have mostly 0-3 months glad i looked because now i know i need to buy 6 months now and spring/summer . i did not sleep very well last night up going pee and i have six sick kids still and my dd cat loves to lay by me now that i am pregnant . my dh got another fing flat tire today cant the lemon wait until taxes ?? i mean feb is close stupid car :( im planning on going for a 3d u/s in january of her cute face . ill be 30 weeks i believe . cant wait until the 20th for the kids to be on break their dumb school is making them do a project on break seriously ?? ugh im seeing if we can get out of it . 5 projects to do on vacation dont sound like a vacation . im hoping to get my tooth fixed during that time .

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