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Everyone should see this film. Especially if you have Lyme disease

Jun 15, 2009 - 1 comments

Lyme Disease

It's a brilliant film that exposes a lot of shenanigans behind the IDSA's treatment protocol for Lyme, highlights the nightmares suffering people have gone through, and addresses the absolute seriousness of this horrible spirochete.

The film is called "Under Our Skin" and is available on DVD (and soon will be in theaters).  Everyone should see it and help raise awareness of Lyme. Just do a Web search and you'll find the site.

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by wonko, Jun 17, 2009
Thanks for posting this.

I have seen it (several times now), and own a pre-release version.

I've had some family watch it, and they felt they learned a lot from it after.

I regularly post the trailer on my FaceBook page, possibly to an annoying extent, but I think it's important to try an expose people to this film.

It will be in theaters by me and I hope to go, not because I haven't seen it but because I want to further support it.

When new posters ask questions on the Lyme forum, "we" (the regulars) frequently suggest this documentary.

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