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Exercise, good food

Jun 16, 2009 - 0 comments





good food

Ok, I am finally stocked with some goods at my house and even made the recipe for the super slim soup that was in my book from the clinic.  It said it was filling.  Well I thought I would eat a bowl before lunch and now I do feel full so this maybe a good thing.  I wish I had not cooked it quite so long but it is still good and seems to be filling.  I have also got serious about counting my calories and that is helping a lot.  This week may not be too good b/c this weekend I sort of blew it.  I did not take my diet pills and I ate outback and pizza.  This AM I weighed and there is no gain so I was sad?!  

Last night I tried to do the walking video again but I physically hurt and could not get it done.  I have back and hip problems from a wreck a few years ago and they are acting up.  I am going to try again today but I may take some pain pills first.

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