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Jordans birth story!

Dec 15, 2013 - 0 comments

Thank you to everyone who wished me well! We are home now and SOO happy to be!
This experience was SO much better than my first birth. I did have a couple melt downs before it started but man i was nervous! I had low platelets so they had t odraw my blood  a few times before we could do it. Had they had stayed low i would have had to go all the way under, because of the risk of bleeding out. But all was fine and they were okay with doing a spinal tap. It landed on Friday the 13th.. and some lady in the admissions told me "OH MAN WHAT A DAY TO HAVE A BABY>>GOOD LUCK!" ( like i wasnt nervous enough) also found out that a sergeon that worked on that floor had died and her family. her house blew up, a gas leak and they had started thier car in the garage... so everyone on the operating floor was pretty bummed, and were hush hush about it ( making me even more nervous!!)

My doctor and anesthesiologist and nurse was amazing, they dealt with me sooo well lol im sure it was rough because i was shaking and near tears the entire time. i remember so much from this c section than the last man the pressure when they take baby out is the weirdest feeling EVER! he was a BIG boy even bigger than expected so it was good i had a c-section instead of trying for vaginal. i told them i didnt want any narcotics, the only thing i had was demeral when the tap was wearing off. Then in recovery room every nurse pretty much fought me on giving me just tylenol.. finally i talked to doctor and he trusted me and let me have a tylenol drip with motrin in between.. and i wasnt in too bad of pain.. everyone was suprised but i really didnt want to be all loopy this time and i am happy i fought it. had a few crappy nurses who didnt listen or talk to me much about what was going on but overall decent staff.
Since jordan was so big he had a hard time keeping his sugar regulated so they gave him formula, he latched just fine and we will work on bf but im not going to get down on myself if it doesnt work out. Hes a great baby and fits in just fine <3 looks like a mix of the two boys, and i think more like daddy this time. we have to go back because he didnt pass the hearing tests so im stressed about that, but we can work through anything.
The boys werent allowed in the hospital because of RSV so i wasnt able to see them the entire time i was in the hospital, that was probably the roughest part.

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