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leaky gas/apple cider vinegar

Dec 17, 2013 - 5 comments



Apple Cider Vinegar













I've discovered that I might have leaky gas alongside my excessive flatulence problem. This has caused me so much more stressed because I know I smell ALL the time now whereas before I thought it was just when I had to pass the excessive gas. I don't even feel comfortable around the few friends that I have/had and even some family like I was before since I've discovered I may have leaky gas too. Its like one problem after another. I wish I could at least smell what others smell but I can't and its incredibly frustrating. I'm so stressed out and I know that causes the gas to be released too, but its hard for me to control my stress level. I thought once or if I could get the excessive gas under control then the smell would go away, but now I see that I have leaky gas also makes it worse and I won't know if its controlled. Its like a lose/lose situation. I'm pretty confident I may have IBS I really need to schedule a gastro doctor visit soon.

(Emotional rant over)

_My progress so far_

For a few weeks now I've been taking apple cider vinegar and oil of oregano orally and so far I haven't noticed much change. But I'm aware these are remedies that I have to take for a while so they can build up and be effective; so I'm trying to be patient. (FOREWARNING IT GETS A LITTLE GRAPHIC HERE) I took an apple cider vinegar/oil of oregano enema and I passed what I think is parasite worms (they were tiny but all different shapes and kind of a brownish color). Hopefully that's a good sign tho.

I'm currently taking:
apple cider vinegar  (daily)
oil of oregano (daily)
olive leaf (Every few days)
eat yogurt (daily)

I take activated charcoal and sometimes chlorophyll pills when I have to go somewhere. But they don't seem to have that much effect. I really want to try to get rid of the problem instead of covering it up also and I feel like charcoal pills just covers it up.

I'm also thinking about ordering cumin seeds and some probiotics.

I'm going to try to post on this journal a lot more I find it helps me clear my head and get all these thoughts out.

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by jessicadit, Jan 21, 2015
hiya did oil of oregano work for leaky gas? how are you doing now?
im desperate for help :c
thanks so much in advance

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by jjane14, Jan 21, 2015
Hey, honestly oil of oregano, acv, charcoal pills (basically all the things I mentioned above) never helped me. But I'll tell you what has helped me: eating healthier and drinking hot herbal tea everyday. I think the tea is helping ALOT! Feel free to message me anytime.

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by jessicadit, Jan 25, 2015
oh nicee! woops, i just bought oil of oregano today, took it and i feel woozy lol. thats surprising, that tea is helping lg. which type of herbal tea is it? I'm trying to eat a rotation diet which means eating healthy pretty much since i cant eat junk (wheat milk etc) while on the diet.

So you're saying, tea with every meal, or like once a day kind of thing?
thankss :D

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by jessicadit, Jan 25, 2015
Also, with the tea and a good diet, how much of the lg would you say has gone?

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by jjane14, Jan 27, 2015
I drink tea (with no sugar) once a day after breakfast. I drink celestial seasonings herbal tea, I've tried the lemon zinger and the cinnamon apple spice flavor from that brand so far. The lemon has a better flavor, but I think I respond very well to the apple cinnamon spice (its stronger). They also have detox teas, but I haven't tried those yet. I'm not sure how much of the LG is gone, but I think drinking tea everyday is helping me detox.

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