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Back from Michigan!

Jun 17, 2009 - 0 comments

I went back home for my lil sisters graduation and i had a blast so did hubby. I didnt have any pills or anything on me the whole time and i didnt really think about it that much. I was there for a whole week. We went kayaking, tubing, went to the zoo for rich's first time. Had a couple partys got to see old friends and meet there babys! I came home and instant depresion. I had to go back to work at subway and nothing changed there still hate my job! Then my mother in law tells me to come over that she has something that will make me smile. So i go thinking she's got some vicodin for me. Wow was i wrong i walked in the door and she had a line waiting for me on the table. I havent done powder in some years and i kinda didnt want to but since it waS there and free why not. So now for the last week ive been doing coke. I know nothing in my life is going to change for me unless i change it but its so hard and all i want to do to be happy is any drug i can find. I had some money in the bank for bills and i blew it all away litterly.

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