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Catch up!

Dec 20, 2013 - 0 comments

Brady is 3 and doing well! He's grown so much, it's unbelievable. He has been going to a couple speech assessments and they find him actually advanced for his age but I'm still concerned about him cognitively. There's a lot that he doesn't either understand or doesn't show it. If you ask him a question he will rarely answer you really. I know that he is ADHD. It already runs in Jeremy's family and he is too on the go. However, he is speaking a lot more, more clear and we have less tantrums because of it. He still will cry a lot. He is quite an emotional one. I hope that when he can communicate a lot better that his crying will stop. In the new year I plan to change his diet plan because there is no way I would ever put him on meds. I haven't had a diagnosis but I just know what's up.

Lilah is 17 months and crazy smart! She is quite the talker. She can put a few words together already. Most people are shocked when they hear her speak. She also looks so tiny still and doesn't have much hair yet even now. lol She loves to dance and loves her suckie and blanket. Doesn't have to be a specific one as long as it's a receiving blanket. It's so cute. Our little Linus.

Everyone has been quite healthy and happy. I'm still on my meds for PPD. I do want to be weaned off. I'd like to get back to maybe working out or doing a morning jog or something. Eating healthy will help as well.
I came on to see when the last time I had my cycle but I think I missed a couple entries. We moved in October and things have just been crazy busy since. We love our new house and all the room that we have now. It'll be such a nice Christmas.
Hopefully AF shows because I don't need any xmas surprises. We have been careful. lol

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