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My Cycle Since Feb 2013 to present. HELP PLEASE

Dec 22, 2013 - 0 comments




Ok so I went back on my calendar and wrote down my cycles for each month beginning from the time I started MedHelp to now. My cycle in March 2012 was the 24th. May 1st-7th 2012, May 30th-Jun 2nd 2012, Jun 29th-July 2nd 2012, July 29th-Aug1st 2012, Aug 31-Sep 4th Oct 2nd- 5th 2012, Nov 1st- 4th 2012, Nov 29th- Dec 3rd 2012, Dec 27th- 31st.  Feb was from the 1st-4th 2013, March 4th-8th 2013, April 7th-10th 2013, May 17th-20th 2013 and May 23rd-27th 2013, June 3rd-8th 2013 and May 23rd-26th 2013, July 22nd-25th 2013, Aug 7 2013 and Aug 18th-21st 2013, Sep 8th-11th 2013, and Sep 20th-24t 2013h, Oct 20th-23rd 2013, Nov 22nd-26th 2013, Dec 26th-29th. Can anyone please help me make out my cycles.

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