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Stiff neck.  Radiologist's report.

Dec 25, 2013 - 0 comments

This was in September of 2013.

Cervical spine:

Counting reference: Craniocervical junction.

5 mm retrolisthesis of C6 over C7. Multilevel disc bulging, endplate and
uncinate osteophyte. Ventral cord contact at C3-C4 and C6-C7, but no
gross compression or myelomalacia. No grossly abnormal cord signal or
abnormal cord enhancement.

Canal and foramina are patent at C2-C3. Severe right foraminal narrowing
at C3-C4 primarily related to uncinate osteophyte and facet hypertrophic
change. Canal and foramina are patent at C4-C5. Annular bulging,
endplate and uncinate osteophyte at C5-C6. Canal is grossly patent, and
there is moderate to severe right foraminal narrowing. Broad
disc-osteophyte complex at C6-C7. Limited CSF space surrounding cord,
but no gross compression or myelomalacia. Relatively severe foraminal
narrowing bilaterally, particularly on the left.. Canal and foramina are
patent at C7-T1.

Canal and foramina are patent at upper thoracic levels through T5-T6.
There is disc bulging at T3-T4, but the canal remains normally patent.

Thoracic spine:

Remainder of the thoracic spine shows normally patent canal and neural
foramina. Cord signal is normal. Conus terminates normally at the upper
one third of L1. No abnormal signal involving the substance of the cord,
and no abnormal enhancement after gadolinium.

Relatively nonspecific white matter changes as noted, stable since the
prior exam. This appearance can be seen in the setting of multiple

Cervical spondylosis as noted. Particularly severe foraminal narrowing
on the right at C3-C4 and on the left at C6-C7.

Thoracic spinal canal and neural foramina are patent.

No focal cord lesions identified, and no abnormal cord enhancement.

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