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Day 1 Dukan Diet

Dec 29, 2013 - 0 comments



day 1

Decided that to really have a chance at losing some weight I needed to have a strict and simple approach that would give me the best weight loss over the start period. I have a Dukan diet book that shows that I can eat any protein for the next five to seven days.
I intend to stick to it to see what the result is.
I know from experience that I will lose the carbohydrate and sweet cravings after a few days. I just need to make sure that I eat enough and don't cheat.
I have ordered a delivery from Ocado and left a bag of Xmas goodies outside for others to eat. I have eaten enough in the last few years and have been made miserable because of it.
I have been made happier by reading another diary of their weight loss.
I do need to start the walking tomorrow. 20 minutes a day at least.
I can do that.
I also am interested in Tai Chi and the calming effect of it.
I already feel that my stomach is shrinking even after just one day. Without the heaps of bread and chocolate and biscuits I've been eating recently I'm not surprised I feel better.
I will try and put a photo here

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